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Thread: Installing Firefox on Solaris 10

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    Installing Firefox on Solaris 10

    I wondered how I could install mozilla firefox for solaris 8 ?I downloaded the file: firefox1.0.4 - sparc - sun - solaris2.8.tar.bz2. Then I read to unwind. Bz2 i need another software , so I'm bzip2 , but I do not know how to install this either. Can anybody know the information ? Please help. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Installing Firefox on Solaris 10

    You need to download Firefox from the Mozilla website. There is a tar.gz file. Download it, then run :
    # gunzip firefox - 1.0 - sparc- sun- solaris2.8.tar.gz
    # Tar xf firefox -1.0 -sparc - sun - solaris2.8.tar.gz
    firefox is in the same directory , u need all the patches for your operating system updated to make it work.

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    Re: Installing Firefox on Solaris 10

    Mozilla 1.4 Solaris 8 and beyond revised version Sun Multilingual. Important: there is deeply recommended to install the patch that fixes known vulnerabilities in Mozilla 1.4. Solaris is the list of supported OS for flashplayer but frankly chui beginning with solaris. Simply the best browser . Firefox is a free Internet , free and open source developed and offered by the Mozilla Foundation. Strictly comply with web standards , modern , extremely friendly , innovative , secure and fast. Open to countless extensions.

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    Re: Installing Firefox on Solaris 10

    Firefox is cross -platform . For the user , this can have a similar working environment in large enterprises where the computing is heterogeneous. Side development teams as part of Firefox development team websites, the same work is carried simultaneously on all operating systems , while Internet Explorer is a product not meeting the standards of the Internet and limited to Windows . officially supported platforms include :
    * Linux
    * FreeBSD and its derivatives
    * NetBSD and its derivatives
    * Solaris

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    Re: Installing Firefox on Solaris 10

    Firefox and Thunderbird applications now have to install Solaris packages of these applications. Packages are available either for the version distributed by Mozilla ( contributed by Sun and Beijing ), or for the version distributed by Blastwave. Please note these packages work with versions of Firefox and Thunderbird are also available in the testing . Their objective will be unstable at the same time that this version of the applications.
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