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Thread: VirtualBox Apache Install Error

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    VirtualBox Apache Install Error

    I use VirtualBox to run Fedora 7 with Apache web server on my post. My VirtualBox works correctly . The network is well defined. Since FireFox under Fedora7 , I go to the internet. My Apache server is started . I get to access my homepage when I use the browser in Fedora ( with eg ) When I 'm under WinXp , I ping / traceroute normally to my Fedora address ( ) By my homepage is not accessible . Please help. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: VirtualBox Apache Install Error

    My little experience will perhaps help you . Connection bridge the virtual machine will be built to the same network that your host machine ex : your IP as a win , if you let in automatically , your server will have an ip like . You can ' ping 'your virtual machine from Windows and vice versa . So that your server is accessible from the outside it will ' forwarders ' via router / box on port 80 on the IP address of the virtual machine and typically c port 80. To access your server from your Windows : ds browser. The advantage is also easier to share between two machines.

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    Re: VirtualBox Apache Install Error

    You can download Fedora from the Fedora Project Tracker . This tutorial uses Fedora 7 KDE Live CD (Fedora -7 - KDE - Live - i686.torrent ) like version. VirtualBox is a full virtualization of x86 hardware . It is currently the only virtualization solution quality professional is also available under Open Source license . Download VirtualBox here. Know that you can click on the images to see a higher resolution.

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    Re: VirtualBox Apache Install Error

    Apache is a server software HTTP produced by the Apache Software Foundation. To install Frugalware, the following commands must be made by being root :
        pacman -g2 -S apache
    Once this ordering , start the service " httpd ".
      service httpd start
    If the service is running, you should receive something like this:
    Starting Apache web server ( no SSL)
    For this service to be launched in all starts , you simply enter the following command:
    service httpd add

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    Re: VirtualBox Apache Install Error

    Apache will be started automatically at every start your computer. Now still as root, you will be editing a file. Personally I use Gedit, I find it more convenient to have a graphical interface for making changes to the file : p

        gedit / etc / httpd / conf / httpd.conf
    At line 323 , add " ServerName " as we are local. If all went well , go to your browser and enter the following address :
    Optional : or http://localhost

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    Re: VirtualBox Apache Install Error

    Go into your htdocs directory ( probably something like \ xampp \ htdocs )
    Create a file . htaccess and add the following:
    Redirect / http://outer/
    To create a file. htaccess in Windows , save the file name with quotation marks (". htaccess ") . Otherwise they could have . txt extension and hide windows automatically and you believe that this is a. htaccess .

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