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Thread: How to use rkill?

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    How to use rkill?

    I have recently installed an web server on my computer and I need to install some security on the computer now. I have heard about the rkill, but I do not know to install it and configure it. Also, I had tried once but it was giving me a error message, that it would not be installed. Any more help on this topic is appreciated. Thank you.

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    Re: How to use rkill?

    I am having some problems using the rkill command, I have 2 computer in a workgroup called "mshome" I am trying to kill a process on a remote computer using the rkill command and i get the following errors :

    - rkill /view \\servername - The RPC server is unavailable

    - rkill /install \\servername -
    Opening Service Control manager on \\servername access is denied

    It can not seem to work around it, no matter what I tried. Is it possible that rkill works only in Domain and not workgroup?

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    Re: How to use rkill?

    "Rkill" lists and manages remote processes. This command requires that the
    REMOTE KILL SERVICE is run on the remote system (also found in the Resource

    - rkill /VIEW \\host
    List the processes running on the specified remote host.

    - rkill /KILL \\host pid
    Terminate the specified remote process.

    - rkill /Nkill \\host executable
    Terminate the processes running the specified executable.

    - rkill install | deinstall \\host
    Install or remove the Remote Kill service on the specified host.

    There must be something incorrect in your command line entries and the task you'd like to achieve. See this RKill security tool

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    Re: How to use rkill?

    Sometimes malwarebytes no longer works due to c rogues that neutralizes Rkill why there is a utility that fixes the problem (I have never used)

    Step No. 1 - Download rkill
    - You can find the download on beeping computer. Sometimes a link does not work, so in order to download from the following link (different format).

    Step No. 2 - Disable the resident module of the antivirus and antispyware than is preferable.

    Step No. 3 - start rkill
    - XP: Double-click the downloaded file rkill to launch the tool. Vista and 7: right click on the downloaded file rkill and choose "Run as Administrator" to launch the tool.

    - A black window will appear briefly, then disappear, along with some files are created. Once the window closed, blocking harmful process utilities will be neutralized.

    Step No. 4 - Download Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware (MBAM) and made the update and you can run full scan.

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    Re: How to use rkill?

    I found in the pocket reference Windows 2000 commands O'Reilly, the following commands kill and rkill. By default I do not find them on the system there in the kit.

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    Re: How to use rkill?

    Tried the Scareware Windows Security alerts, antivirus software alerts, and Windows Security Center pop-ups and auto AntiSpyWare software using MAM and Security Task Manager to close down. This apparently worked even ...
    only after that I was with the Desktop Security 2010 bombing Agent.
    I had this with the help of,RKILLthanks to the Trojan Board Instructions stopped. Remove Desktop Security 2010. All applications to work again on IE browser also opens any automatic windows or warnings, fake-browser, etc. Actually, everything works again as before, as I said to the IE

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