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Thread: Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi series driver

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    Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi series driver

    Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi series driver is not that good, because for working for these drivers you need to have nForce4 chipset mother board. If you do not have that then it will not work for you. It is true that this driver is WHQL certified. If you choosing then I will not suggest you for this because it is not having support for OpenAL 64-bit. One positive point related to this is that you can use AudioConsole if Equalizer is supported.

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    Re: Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi series driver

    At the time of its release, the series of Sound Blaster X-Fi Creative had a new chip integrated completely different than the previous Sound Blaster cards. This had the effect of making incompatible driver for Creative cards included in the various servers of sounds, including ALSA sound server by default in Ubuntu. In addition, the specifications of this new series of cards have been kept secret for a long time, making difficult any progress in creating or improving a driver for X-Fi cards.

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    Re: Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi series driver

    Creative has released an open source driver for cards Sound Blaster X-Fi that you can install Ubuntu in order to be able to exploit the potential of your sound card. In addition, the ALSA project is currently working actively to integrate such a driver directly into the ALSA sound server and when this new version of the ALSA sound server will be available in stable, it will definitely be included in a future edition of Ubuntu. At present, however, you must follow one or other of the following procedures: install the driver open-source Creative X-Fi card; Or compile the experimental version of the server including the ALSA sound driver for X-Fi cards.

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    Re: Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi series driver

    Windows 7 and the series of sound cards Sound Blaster X-Fi PCI is having experimental drivers, I mean the Beta version. These new drivers are of course also compatible with windows XP and window Vista in the 32 bit and 64 bit edition. It supports all the latest functionalities implemented recently by creative as Doubly Digital and DTS encoding but also DDL and DTS connect.

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    Re: Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi series driver

    I spend audigy 2 ZS has this card and happiness no problem with vista 32 and vista 64. It connects without a problem on the PCIe x1 x4 x16. Updating of drivers leaving the installation of Cd. Beautiful sound and my 5.1 gives everything he has in his stomach. I even sounds that I could not hear before! In short, despite the price a bit elevated, it is a product to buy with your eyes closed.

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    Re: Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi series driver

    Excellent works perfectly with vista, I had the former was very unstable with Vista despite the latest drivers. I-ball rod to download the drivers on the creative site, because they are already exceeded the cd, documentation Creative a bit light. Otherwise the sound is superb; I am in 5.1 with Altec Lansing FX505.

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    Re: Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi series driver

    Advise for a good sound card is X-FI. So I take a walk on LDLC and buy a sound card. I install it, and tested it, I never had such a sound card, so powerful! In sound, software and CREATIVE sound card, the treats! No sizzle, MIDI files take charge, he accepts many audio format. To create his own music with specialized software, generally on a track it sizzle, but NOT with this graphics card! This is the highlight of CREATIVE.

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