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Thread: X25 ACHI Intel vs MSASCUI

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    X25 ACHI Intel vs MSASCUI

    I have been using the X25 80 GB G2 and have enabled the Advanced Host Controller Interface. I have windows 7 which installed its own drivers. It appears as windows 7 has installed the MSASCUI. I have installed the SSD utility which is working properly and and my rating has jumped to 400. Can anyone tell me which is better than the X25 ACHI Intel and MSASCUI so that i can keep the best one and get rid of the unwanted.

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    Re: X25 ACHI Intel vs MSASCUI

    Msascui.exe is a process belonging to Microsoft Windows Defender Antispyware which protects your computer against Internet-bound threats such as spyware and Trojans that can be distributed through the mail or attack directly to the computer to access unauthorized computer. This program is important for the stable and secure operation of your computer and should not be completed.

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    Re: X25 ACHI Intel vs MSASCUI

    Msascui.exe is a security file that creates activities on a user's computer which may be undesirable. File is necessary for the work program.

    Location: C: \ Program Files \ Windows Defender \ msascui.exe (Click here to learn how to Locate)
    Type: Security Program

    Spyware sometimes uses the names of files or file names of actual programs to go unnoticed by the user. It is preferable to ensure that this program is related to Windows Defender.

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    Re: X25 ACHI Intel vs MSASCUI

    Msascui.exe is the executable of Microsoft Windows Defender, formerly known as Microsoft Antispyware and a reminder that offers to eliminate spyware on demand or preprogrammed manner. This process can be stopped safely, but this process is important in view of security and stability it brings to Windows.
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    Re: X25 ACHI Intel vs MSASCUI

    The future of computer storage is here! The Intel X25-M Mainstream SATA II Solid State Drive (Retail) provides faster disk performance and greater durability than traditional hard drives. Since it stores data using NAND flash memory instead of spinning platters, the X25-M will never keep you waiting for disks to spin up. For further convenience, there are no moving parts to worry about breaking down.

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    Re: X25 ACHI Intel vs MSASCUI

    The controller supports AHCI mode can operate in "compatible" for reasons of compatibility. In the latter mode, they behave like an IDE controller entirely conventional. Windows recognizes them as such other and uses its internal systems and Pciide.sys atapi.sys to fly. Just go to the device manager to realize. In AHCI mode, the driver in the case of Intel ICH is iaStor.sys. This file is not included in Windows XP SP2 but in Windows Vista. To install Windows XP in AHCI mode, it must pass through the addition of driver by pressing F6 during installation or have previously included the driver in the i386 folder.

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