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Thread: Changing Win 2003 Server Login Account

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    Changing Win 2003 Server Login Account

    I have 15 computers accessing a win2003 server on the same network. Up to now they have used the same win2003 server login account, user/user.

    I want to give each machine a user account which I have already created on the win2003 server.

    But when i disable the previous user/user account and then go to the network computer and try to log into the server via Networks Places -> Server, Im giving a warning that that user account has been disabled. But at no time am I promoted to log into the server with a different user account!

    Pls hlp

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    Re: Changing Win 2003 Server Login Account

    i guess the users are still login with the username which is also created with same name in the server & u have disabled the same. Ask the users to login with their own usernames & it should be ok.

    Are you using or goin to use domain controller

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