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Thread: Floppy Disk in Windows 7

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    Floppy Disk in Windows 7

    I have been using a desktop installed with windows 7. I was trying to format a floppy disk but it took relatively a much more time than the expected so that I can reach 100% and when it did, it came up with 'Unable to complete Format'. To set up with, I thought the drive itself was damaged hence subsequently I exchanged it with a known operational one, it did the similar thing. I was able to format the disk with Windows XP no problem.

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    Re: Floppy Disk in Windows 7

    To format a partition that does not contain Windows and does not contain Windows XP or Windows 2000
    1. From the desktop (as a computer administrator account if you're running Windows XP Pro) in Start> Programs, select Administrative Tools, and especially Computer Management.
    2. On the left side of the window that opened, select Storage> Disk Management. At the bottom or top, select the partition to format and right click it and then Format ...
    3. Choose a volume name, a type of partition.
    4. If you did not have confidential data on the disk, choose the Quick Format option.

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    Re: Floppy Disk in Windows 7

    To create an Emergency Repair Disk in Windows 7, click Start - > Programs - > Accessories - > System Tools - > Backup. On the General tab, click Create an Emergency Repair Disk. When you are prompted, insert a blank, formatted 1.44MB diskette in the drive, then click OK. Once the process is complete, remove the floppy, write "Emergency Repair Disk" on the label and keep in a safe place.

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    Re: Floppy Disk in Windows 7

    I would like to ask you whether you can format the hard disk partition containing an operating system or not using a boot disk .
    • To do this, insert the boot disk in the floppy drive and restart the computer.
    • At this point, it will load the tools contained on the Dos boot disk and give a hand: you simply type the following command: format C: (or D or E depending on the partition to format).

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    Re: Floppy Disk in Windows 7

    A system disk, sometimes called boot disk is a floppy disk that can boot the computer when the operating system stops responding, in the case of a virus for example. This disk contains special information that actually allow to boot without using the hard disk . There is no one type of boot disk: each operating system's boot disk.

    Follow the steps which are mentioned below to get rid of this situation

    • Insert a blank floppy in the drive deprotected to:
    • Then just type the command: Format a: / s
    • The argument / s means "copy system files"

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