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Thread: Windows 7 Sync cannot work with Windows Mobile 6.1

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    Windows 7 Sync cannot work with Windows Mobile 6.1

    I just ask for help. I just use PDA HTC touch attempts to use Windows Mobile 6.1 to sync.When setting the tab "edit content synchronization parameter" for the mail, I have a choice of:
    - Microsoft exchange
    - My Pc
    but I can not check "my PC" is grayed out and therefore I certainly can not synchronize mails and contacts. I am using Windows 7. Please help. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Windows 7 Sync cannot work with Windows Mobile 6.1

    I have found the solution to sync my HTC
    1. Instruct the manager on Microsoft Windows Mobile (like vista or 7)
    2. Plug your HTC
    3. Go to configuration panel -> Network and Internet -> Mobile HTC wiondows manager is not recognized and will score error
    4. Return config panel -> System -> Device Manager -> Mobile device (right click) -> seek changes, the drivers will load and recognize your HTC device will appear in the manager and everything works. (I have Outlook 2003 for synchronization).

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    Re: Windows 7 Sync cannot work with Windows Mobile 6.1

    Another solution for the same kind of problem: how to synchronize my HTC more with my PC. After trying different solution, I tested my HTC on another PC it was good, so I uninstalled the "Manager for Windows Mobile" on my first PC, then reinstalled and it works. The install of "Manager for Windows Mobile" is here: OS is Windows Vista PC and 6.1 on the HTC)

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    Re: Windows 7 Sync cannot work with Windows Mobile 6.1

    This is probably because you need to synchronize Outlook. Personal I install Thunderbird and suncalc and I sync with a small program called Birdie Sync. The worst thing is that even under Windows (something I never suspected).The will need the full version of Outlook to synchronize your PDA Win Mobile 6.1, so it's not a shame AC there is one good way to synce (Linux) but given the number of times I reset my contacts, it is not very safe as a method.

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    Re: Windows 7 Sync cannot work with Windows Mobile 6.1

    The steps to install the bootloader :
    1. Connect your windows phone to a PC running Windows XP or Vista with ActiveSync / 7 with the Sync Center.
    2. Extract the downloaded bootloader highest.
    3. Copy and run the program DiamonCustomRUU.exe in the directory where the bootloader.
    4. Carefully follow the instructions written on the screen. It must first check a box below and make many "click next".
    5. A progress bar appears on both the PC and mobile. It's a good sign, it progress (fast).
    6. Restart your smartphone. Some strange characters appear reboot takes. This is normal and indicates here that the bootloader has been installed.

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    Re: Windows 7 Sync cannot work with Windows Mobile 6.1

    To synchronize the calendar you can do that via itunes + outlook for the time locally and via internet only to a microsoft exchange server (free or not) or to google, because Apple blocks access to the calendar to sell mobile . For contacts is best served, you can synchonisation locally to Outlook and to all server / Apllication compatiple ical / syncml well via an internet connection to every server ical / syncml Free and Paid well as to exchange.

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    Re: Windows 7 Sync cannot work with Windows Mobile 6.1

    Check the steps:
    1. To open the Sync Center, click the button Start On All programsOn Accessories, Then Sync Center.
    2. In the left pane of Sync Center, click View sync conflicts.
    3. Select one or more conflicts, then click Solve.
    Follow the above instructions to resolve conflicts.

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