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Thread: AMD Overdrive & Linux

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    AMD Overdrive & Linux

    I have recently switched for Windows vista to Linux. As an windows user the overdrive software was very helpful for me to tweak cpu and chipset. Now that I am using Linux , is the overdrive available for linux. I have searched on google regarding this topic but no help yet. If you know where I can find thsi software for linux then please let me know. Thank you.

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    Re: AMD Overdrive & Linux

    If i am not wrong then this software is not available for Linux platform. i think then do not provide this software for linux is that the people who use amd processors they mostly use windows operating system. Though I am not user of this. Also, if I am not wrong then you can not over clock linux outside its bios settings. I use linux and I have not installed the software and I feel no need to install it.

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    Re: AMD Overdrive & Linux

    Ati has not forgotten users of Linux since operating systems Catalyst Linux Edition have also been updated to the next version. A significant improvement is found this month in the last drivers that support TV output graphics cards based on Radeon. These drivers support the TV out type S-Video, Composite and Component that should delight many users. The TV output settings are made in the Control Panel Catalyst Control Center Linux Edition.

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    Re: AMD Overdrive & Linux

    This release of ATI Catalyst Linux introduces product support for the following new operating systems:

    - CrossFireX support
    - Adaptive Anti-Aliasing support
    - Support for new Linux operating systems
    - ATI OverDrive Support for Linux
    - ATI MultiView
    - Auto detection and installation of distribution packaging

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    Re: AMD Overdrive & Linux

    The software is not ported to linux, but I think ATI should think of it. ATI OverDrive Maximizes the performance of the graphic processing unit (GPU) on your graphics card. This provides the ability to improve the performance of your GPU, especially if you are using a custom cooling solution.
    Caution: Using ATI Overdrive to increase the graphics processor or memory clocks above normal limits may result in graphics corruption, data loss or system hangs. If ATI Overdrive detects unsafe conditions, it will automatically reduce the clocks. However, ATI can not guarantee results, and will not be responsible for data loss or other problems that may occur as a result of using ATI Overdrive.

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