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Thread: Mac function keys not working

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    Mac function keys not working

    I recently bought a 2.4 MBP model a1260. When I got home I become aware of the volume keys were not running, and then I noticed none of the function keys were running correctly. (Illustration, f12 demonstrate an eject CD symbol). So, the keys are running but not doing the standard functions such as volume and brightness. I have create certain and unchecked (and restarted) the "use all f1, f2 as customary function keys" to no result.

    Some additional wired things that seem to be related are: In the volume window in SYS PREFS the entire volume effects are grayed out. Under OUTPUT and INPUT it says no apparatus found. When I go to the itunes accumulate in itunes and I twice hit it off on a song, it would not play. Not merely is there no volume, but song would not play. Itís the similar with my own music from my cds. When I put in a DVD no volume control shows up. How can I solve the following issues.

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    Re: Mac function keys not working

    If so, it's almost certainly software, but in addition almost certainly going to require an OS reinstall. Make a note of that there are "simple" things that be able to cause sound output to fail, predominantly the system incorrectly thinking there's an optical audio plug in the headphone jack (be able to be solved by moreover constantly inserting/removing headphones or with a paperclip), but you would tranquil observe your sound output hardware scheduled in the pref pane were that the case. A1260 is not a US model number, but I suppose it's a used 2007 MBP and that's why it's not under guarantee (no Apple care). If so, disappointment. You might try a full SMC and PMU reset search Apple's site for the process.

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    Re: Mac function keys not working

    Itís absolutely an a1260, that not a US apparatus. Does that mean anything. I am getting a startup musical sound. Does that get rid of the sound hardware being broken and create it a software difficulty. I am trying a software bring up to date, if that does not fix it I determine to reinstall. Subsequent to that I determine to try the SMC and PMU reset. I did the PMU reset and then updated the software and (poof) the entire is well once more in Macbook pro land.

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    Re: Mac function keys not working

    My volume output was grayed out too. I exposed that for a number of reasons the volume output apparatus had changed connecting boots (to CD spin doctor). Changing it back did the deception. Subsequent to applying a patch to Tiger, I originate my brightness and volume control keys on the keyboard were non-operational at a number of undetermined times (meaning I rebooted the laptop more than a few times and ultimately noticed that my volume and brightness keys were not running).

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    Re: Mac function keys not working

    Inquisitively, at the same time as the brightness and volume control keys were not running, I in addition noted the intensity slider control was missing from the System Preference Panel for Display. Additional have noted this problem as well but I might not get a login account on their site to post a reply. I have an anticipated work approximately to this difficulty.

    My work approximately is to reboot the apparatus, and during the reboot procedure, tap on several of the brightness or sound keys once every two seconds. On the other hand, this is the strangest part: I have simulated my work approximately three times.

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    Re: Mac function keys not working

    The Toggle Keyboard layout at the same time as it is improbable that an unambiguous keyboard layout would modify the function key mappings, users might try resetting the keyboard arrangement to "US" or additional preferred language. To do this, open the "International" system predilection and in the "Input Menu" tab uncheck the entire but the preferred keyboard arrangement.

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    Re: Mac function keys not working

    Toggle function key vs extraordinary characteristic in the "Keyboard and Mouse" system predilection; uncheck the alternative to "utilize the entire F1, F2, etc. keys as customary function keys." This alternative determine to protect the volume or additional "special" functions from running unless users in addition hold down the "Fn" key, and as an alternative determine to give a system error sound if submission do not hold up the F-keys.

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