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Thread: Unable to install Windows via Boot Camp using an external hard drive

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    Unable to install Windows via Boot Camp using an external hard drive

    That is five days as I peel the forums to understand why I can not install Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack 2 on my MacBook knowing that I have the same problem that most users know the message Err Hard Press any key to restart etc. You tell me again that it is a formatting problem etc etc.The problem is that at no time could it offers me to format my partition Boot Camp! I hope you can help me even though I feel that I ought to mention a manipulation, and it is a trivial problem. Please tell me a suitable as well as an easiest method for installing Windows via Boot Camp
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    Re: Unable to install Windows via Boot Camp using an external hard drive

    Here is the procedure to install Windows via Boot Camp

    1. You follow the same standard procedure, ie: Start BOOTCAMP Leopard, set up your partition 32GB recommended, start the installation.
    2. At the very beginning of the installation blue screen and scroll packages installed in the bottom of the screen, the first message: "Press F6 to install SCSI disk, repeatedly press F6-F10 in alternating the two.
    3. Once past the message "Press F6 to install SCSI", continue the installation normally.
    4. A new message "insert a disk" and "press S to specify a SCSI disk something like that, you press ENTER (continue the install) - In fact, for this info manip allows you to access the recovery console (shell) of windows before partitionnage module.
    5. This is where everything is played: You arrive on a black screen and our famous "c: /". You'll just type this: FORMAT C: / Q / FS: FAT32 - this command, everyone knows it, if not, format c: (formatting the windows partition by default), / q (quick format) / FS : FAT32 (File System Fat32).
    6. Type "O" to confirm
    7. Restart the installation normally arrived on the module partitionnage do not format any partition above. You must return your 32GB partition (a partition of 200MB necessary to bootcamp is also present, DO NOT pay attention). Formerly called "BOOTCAMP" and after our manip surely "WINDOWS". YOU SIMPLY PUSH ON ENTRY on the windows partition to 32GB
    8. From there it should work: more message "Err. Disk" press any key ... " nor message "hal.dll"
    9. On Leopard, the score is now called NO NAME, then rename to "WINDOWS"

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    Re: Unable to install Windows via Boot Camp using an external hard drive

    This is a very simple procedure just run the Boot Camp Assistant, located in Applications -> Utilities -> Boot Camp Assistant, then prepare your CD or DVD to install Windows, your license, and a CD-R disc to enable Boot Camp burn CD drivers to allow Windows to use your Mac properly.

    The installation of Boot Camp will take place in several stages: burn a driver CD, creating a partition (real this time), installation of windows. And a good half-hour later, it is possible to choose Start the computer from Mac OS X or Windows.

    Finally, note that when you use Windows on your Mac, you are vulnerable as a standard PC viruses of all kinds, trojans and other annoyances from the Windows world: therefore caution and remember to keep your Windows updates through Windows Update.

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    Re: Unable to install Windows via Boot Camp using an external hard drive

    You can not install XP on an external hard drive, and even if you can do it you can not boot from. You have no other choice but to install XP via bootcamp either natively or via a virtual software virtualization, in all cases on the internal HDD. XP takes up little space at the base (2-3 GB). One solution would be to advance a little cleaning on your internal HDD, transferring some data on a external HD.

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    Re: Unable to install Windows via Boot Camp using an external hard drive

    Hello all, same problem with the installation to finish. me setup gets stuck at error hall.dll disk or missing, and actually have to go through boot camp in Leopard, start the wizard create a 32 GB partition for windows xp for example to windows xp pro sp2 in the cd / dvd and click "start installation" then the re-startup-screen windows to partition select the partition boot camp and remove + input type and confirm recreate a partition on the unpartitioned space, and confirm the next screen format in ntfs so then start the installation on the space created and formatted, once installed it alone boot fine-tune Windows settings, go in windows explorer click on the windows xp cd and eject, put the Leopard DVD instead, the autorun starts one and offers to install the drivers, and then finish please help.....

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