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Thread: Macbook headphone jack broken

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    Macbook headphone jack broken

    Here is my problem

    HD 500 Impedance: 32ohm Noise: none.
    Impedance headphones ipod touch: 32ohm Noise: low, but present.
    Panansonic Impedance: 16 ohms noise unbearable.

    I tried this with headphones Philips entry level has the form factor of a pro user and no sound is heard with it. In fact, it remains only to find the characteristics of the output of the MBP, and ask an audiophile performance on paper. What do you recommend? I think the audio jack may be broken. Though i am not sure of this. Any help is appreciated. Thank you for your help.

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    Re: Macbook headphone jack broken

    In fact there are several problems for the output jack of the macbook pro. One source is using the DVI output. For me, until I plugged my second monitor not, no worries on my speakers (small monitor speakers Yamaha) but when the DVI socket is used, a continuous buzzing on the speakers. I changed my macbook pro for a unibody and the problem has apparently disappeared from the new models. You can just try that.

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    Re: Macbook headphone jack broken

    Some owners of aluminum MacBooks complain about problems with the headphone output of your computer, the one error can be attributed to design up. The headphone jack allows only plugs with a total of four contacts a really firm hold. With other headsets, it could happen that even a slight movement of the cable contacts and solve the built-in speaker enable. Plug with four contacts are those with additional features such as Apple's new In-Ear Headphones with built-in microphone. Users of other headphones may be appropriate to plug adapter dependent. Even with older Apple headphones to the problem occurs.

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    Re: Macbook headphone jack broken

    This is too bad, that it is not possible to activate the built-in speaker, even if one puts audio cable into the port. When I connect the MacBook to the stereo system to listen to some music or movies about it, I always pull the plug and then the headphone works normally and will only hear system sounds, which I then will not always turn on the stereo. This is the least I can do with the system.

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    Re: Macbook headphone jack broken

    There are already countless threads where DJs to report that they hear in the mix with crack traktor scratch pro, have problems with the latencies, etc. Now, I too have this problem and do I feel slow on the mind. As I have, most of these problems, Windows user and I want to switch to Mac, as this supposedly have less problems than Windows users. Now it is a unibody Macbook Pro with 2.8GHz processor and its 4GB of RAM.
    My question:
    Are there any known problems with this system? Have you submitted (to Mac users) had good or bad experience and it worth a switch to a Mac?

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    Re: Macbook headphone jack broken

    Rather, many other things are the problem: Simply too little performance of the NB, some graphics cards cause problems, not optimally employed and BS. Also, a Mac can be difficult to use in this situation. The only one reason that really speaks to me for a Mac, is the design that I personally find extremely easy cool.

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