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Thread: "Print screen" From A Screensaver

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    "Print screen" From A Screensaver

    I have MacBook Pro with me. And currently I am thinking whether it is possible to Print screen from the Screensaver. I have not tried this yet. But, if you have any sort of solution for this, then provide that to me. So, I will able to get that to be done for my screensaver.

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    Re: "Print screen" From A Screensaver

    Hey, I don't think that you will able to solve your problem. Till now I have not seen any type of solution for this. If you are making use of the mac operating system then it is really difficult one. So, just try to search the image for that sceensaver's screen which you want to print. Then only you will able to get the solution for that. It will solve your problem, if you find that image.

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    Re: "Print screen" From A Screensaver

    You can use the Macvide ScreenCap 2.7 for your purpose. It will give you image for your screen saver. It is having features as below:
    • Capture Full screen shots
    • Capture Part of screen by selecting capturing area
    • Capture single frame screenshots
    • Capture Timed screenshots
    • Record Video from your desctop or selected area
    • Record Flash Video FLV or SWF from your desctop or selected area
    • Store result screenshots to PNG, JPEG, TIFF, BMP formats
    • Save captured video to quickTime MOV, iPod mp4 or Mobile 3GP formats
    • Save captured to Flash SWF and FLV Video
    • Selectable area for Capturing
    • Preview of selecte area
    • Hotkey support
    • Easy to use interface

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    Re: "Print screen" From A Screensaver

    I also suggest you to make use of the any of the software application which will simply take the screen shot of the screen saver and then give you that in the format of the image. It will solve your problem for the requirement of the print screen. As I don't think that you will able to print screen in mac with the help of the any sort of the steps. But, the software application will help you in this case. So, just make use of that.

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    Re: "Print screen" From A Screensaver

    Make use of the steps below for your problem:
    • Click on the System Preferences.
    • Then go to the Desktop & Screensaver preferences.
    • In the Screen Saver, you have to select the screen saver which you want to print.
    • Then you need to click on the screen, but before that simply hold the cmd + shift and then click on test.
    • Now simply press 3.
    • Done.

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    Re: "Print screen" From A Screensaver

    If you use any of the below application then you will able to get solved for your problem:
    • Macvide ScreenCap 2.7
    • Odin Screen Capture 2.4
    • Easyscreensaver

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    Re: "Print screen" From A Screensaver

    For capturing screen you need to use the Quick Screen Capture. It is having Features as below:
    • Supports mini operations to capture an exact area.
    • Supports hotkey. Define your own hotkeys.
    • Can automatically save captured images.
    • Can Save images in 3 popular formats: BMP/JPG/GIF
    • Copy image to clipboard manually or automatically.
    • Runs in the system tray area. Supports start minimized.
    • Auto saving history records.
    • Powerful image editing functions.

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    Re: "Print screen" From A Screensaver

    I tried Macvide ScreenCap. Reaally good pogram)

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