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Thread: How do I remove BackTrack 4

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    How do I remove BackTrack 4

    I have recently installed BackTrack 4 in my laptop and the operating system I am using is Window 7 but I am unable to use it. I have tried to do install sh and then login and then password. But the shell console do not seems to work with the command. Hence I want to remove it from my Laptop but how remove the BackTrack 4. One more thing is it possible to delete the partition.
    I will be waiting for the related reply.

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    Re: How do I remove BackTrack 4

    Yes, you can definitely delete the partition. For that you just have to boot from a live CD or DVD or from USB and you have to use partition editors like GParted. The GParted application is a graphical partition editor for creating, reorganizing, and deleting disk partitions.

    A disk device can be subdivided into one or more partitions. The GParted application enables you to change the partition organization on a disk device while preserving the contents of the partitions.

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    Re: How do I remove BackTrack 4

    If you are having another Linux installed on your Laptop then may need to have reinstall grub if it is pointing towards the backtrack partition or else you have delete the backtrack and it will keep working. But if you are only having windows, then run a/fixmbr from the recovery console of windows, by booting from the windows CD.
    If your boot loader stuff is sorted then you can just delete of format the backtrack partition.

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    Re: How do I remove BackTrack 4

    Well thanks for the reply but I have already tried that before. I have delete the partition to the backtrack 4 but all this ended up messing up the boot file and I could not boot in to the window partition.
    I am having windows 7 installed on one partition and the backtrack 4 installed on another the other partition .

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    Re: How do I remove BackTrack 4

    I think that the question that was asked is for removing the Backtrack. You have to follow these steps for doing this
    First select the qparted
    After that delete the Backtrack Partition
    Then just remove the swap partition
    Now make the new partition as the ext3
    After that insert the window DVD and when it ask for repair you have to just press “R” for starting the recovery console
    Then type “fixmbr”
    Restart your system and the problem be solved and now you will be able to boot you windows partition.

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    Re: How do I remove BackTrack 4

    I have been using now for my BackTrack3 ethical penetration testing role with great success. I decided recently to give BackTrack4 try, although it is still in Pre-Release phase. Guys on the use of remote-indicate that even if the pre-final phase, this edition is the most robust of all previous versions of BackTrack. But I do not know I am facing problem while installing BackTrack 4 on my system. Can anybody help me with the installation process?

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    Re: How do I remove BackTrack 4

    Here are the simple steps for installing the BackTrack 4.
    1. First of all start the VMware workstation and then you have to go to File then New then Virtual Machine.
    2. After that you have to select Typical install.
    3. Now you have to select the option for using Installer Disc or the image file.
    4. Now click the browse button for finding the ISO image that you have downloaded above.
    5. After that click next, and select the Linux and for version select Ubuntu
    6. Now click next and then select the location where you want to install the virtual machine.
    7. After that click on Next and press Finish.
    8. Now go to the “Edit virtual machine settings” and then change the network adapter to “Bridged”
    9. Now start the virtual machine.
    10. This will start the live CD from the ISO image and you will get number of boot options.
    11. You just need to select the first option that is BackTrack Framebuffer 1024768
    12. Once it start, it will display a command line prompt as the root@bt:#
    13. Type startx there.
    14. After that you will get the graphical interface for the BackTrack

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