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Thread: Wordlist Menu Tool for Backtrack 4 final

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    Wordlist Menu Tool for Backtrack 4 final

    Hello friends,
    I want some information about the Wordlist Menu Tool for Backtrack 4 final. I am not having much idea about the Backtrack (in deep). Also I want to know about the Installing Firefox 4 Pre Backtrack 3.5 final. Since, you guys know much things, I want to grasp some information from you. So please be kind, and provide some useful information about the Backtrack.
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    Re: Wordlist Menu Tool for Backtrack 4 final

    You should be knowing that Backtrack 4 has been released in final version. Backtrack is a Linux distribution oriented security, also available in LiveCD. This release features a new kernel ( and has many tools built for the occasion. BT4 includes a fingering of new tools , a lot of bug fixes and new drivers especially wifis to support more cards. Each of these drivers have been specially built to optimize the penetration testing of wireless networks. The good news is that also equips BT4 also the opportunity of a new brand new website and damn good.

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    Re: Wordlist Menu Tool for Backtrack 4 final

    BackTrack is a distribution of GNU / Linux distribution based on Slackware up to version 3 and Ubuntu since version 4 appeared in January 2010. Its goal is to provide a distribution containing all the necessary tools to test network security. BackTrack is available as a live CD . It is also possible to install a hard drive on a USB key, or to set up a boot PXE.

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    Re: Wordlist Menu Tool for Backtrack 4 final

    BackTrack uses KDE , supports multiple languages with a single click (the French obtained in four clicks on the banner bar KDE), and contains many tools for performing security tests (about 300). It aims to address all areas related to art security. Audit network analysis and identification of vulnerability, BackTrack is recognized by professionals as a complete computer security.It is positively known and used for auditing wireless networks Wi-Fi : its development is indeed focused on support for wireless cards or circuits supporting the total viewing mode.

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    Re: Wordlist Menu Tool for Backtrack 4 final

    The following are the Highlights of Backtrack 4 Beta :
    • The updated kernel to version Was Bringing Better hardware support.
    • BackTrack Beta 4 can now Be Booted over a network, using PXE Supported cards.
    • The latest mac80211 wireless injection patches Were Applied Along with Speed Improvements for rtl8187.
    • Unicornscan, year gathering information and correlation engine IS Fully Functional, and features a web front end and Postgress logging support.
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    Re: Installing Firefox 4 Pre Backtrack 3.5 final

    I would like to tell you about the installing Firefox 4 Pre Backtrack 3.5 final.So we'll see how to install it in our Final 4 backtrack by following these steps :
    1. Download the installer from Sourceforge and Ubuntuzilla to install it using dpkg and apt-get to resolve dependencies (ignore the warnings while running dpkg).
    2. In this section you will ask "Do you want to continue [Y / N]?" Press Y.
    3. In the next step you will list to choose the location (language) for Firefox.
    4. You Have CHOSEN localization en-US. Is that correct [y / n]? Please enter 'y' or 'No'. Done the above happen to download firefox.
    5. After the download will automatically begin the installation of firefox and ask us if we would like to activate the function that updates regularly checked for Firefox. Just type in a "y" to activate the function.
    6. This concludes the installation of firefox completely updated and in our language.
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    Re: Wordlist Menu Tool for Backtrack 4 final

    Ubuntuzilla is a script made in Phython that allows us to install the latest versions of Firefox, SeaMonkey and Thunderbird on Ubuntu and as pre Final Backtrack 4 based on Intrepid Ibex Firefox can install across this 3.5 to script. You have the following advantages :
    • It lets us choose the language at the time of installation
    • Sets the Firefox 3.5 as our default browser
    • It integrates all the plugins you have installed.
    • It automatically detects the latest versions of Firefox, Thunderbird and SeaMonkey Mozilla servers
    • Check the authenticity of the GPG signature of Firefox and Thunderbird, to prevent corrupt or dangerous packages.
    • Makes a backup dated profiles Firefox, Thunderbird and Seamonkey
    • You can uninstall applications and everything will be as at the time that you installed.
    • It updates automatically.

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