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Thread: BackTrack Dual Boot Install with Windows 7

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    BackTrack Dual Boot Install with Windows 7

    I am a Windows 7 user. I saw many of my friends having installed BackTrack with their system having windows 7 installed. I meant dual booted BackTrack with Windows 7. Even i want to do the same. So i request you guys please let me know how to install BackTrack with Windows 7 ? Thanks in advance.

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    Re: BackTrack Dual Boot Install with Windows 7

    Before any changes to partitions and installing a new OS, it is good to save its data (either on DVD or putting them on a partition with data), make an image using Norton's System Ghost or another, to print this tutorial to have on hand in case of crash, to have a Windows CD on hand and patience. Initially we will observe the different partitions that make up your hard disk in order to install Backtrack on one of your partitions free. Here is how to do the partitioning:

    1. Once the liveCD launched, a prompt asks for a login and password. As shown in the manual mode, the login is "root" and password is the reverse "toor".
    2. Open a shell, list all mounted partitions by using the mount
    3. Disassemble one by one: umount / dev / hda * or umount / dev / sda * If your disk is SATA
    4. Replace the star by each of the figures for the partitions.
    5. Run qtparted
    6. Select the partition to end disc and create a new partition in reiserfs EXT or even 3.5 GB 4 GB
    7. Apply the changes with File.
    8. Your partition is now created, it must "mount" each partition with mount function.
      mount / dev / hda * / mnt / hda *
    9. Do not forget to add your newly created partition.

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    Re: BackTrack Dual Boot Install with Windows 7

    This method of installation is as simple as possible. Just follow these few steps:
    • BackTrack boot the machine to be installed. Once started, type "startx" to get to the KDE GUI.
    • Double click on "" script on the desktop, or run the command "ubiquity" in the console.
    • Select your location and click "forward." The same for the keyboard.
    • The next screen lets you set the partition scheme. The assumption is that we are changing the partition size of Windows 7 and the installation of BackTrack in space has done.
    • Accept the summary of the installation and the customer "Install." Allow the installation to run and finish. Reboot when finished.
    • Grub boot must allow both BackTrack as Windows.
    • Access BackTrack with the user and password of root / toor. Change the root password ("passwd").
    • Fix deployment start writing "fix" splash "(or" fix-splash800 "if you want a 800 600 framebuffer), reboot.

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    Re: BackTrack Dual Boot Install with Windows 7

    Partitioning with cfdisk:

    Once the liveCD launched, a prompt asks for a login and password. As shown in the manual mode, the login is "root" and password is the reverse "toor". Now entering an important stage of the installation, partitioning the hard drive. On my laptop the hard disk (SCSI) is mounted on "/ dev / sda", for you it can vary. To know the type:
    ~ root # fdisk-l
    You should see displayed the hard drives, a hard disk can be composed of several partitioning, such as the Linux hard drive partitioning hda may contain multiple numbered 1 to x (where x is a positive number), so that hda1 and hdaX are respectively partitions 1 and x hda.

    So back to our sheep. We will use the cfdisk for partitioning, it is more convenient than his grandfather (fdisk). Type:
     root ~ # cfdisk / dev / votre_disque_dur
    Especially, it will not change it, leave it, unless you do not have enough space in this case, resize the partition devoted to Windows (you have many utilities for this: Partition Magic ....). It is best to perform this work under Windows.

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    Re: BackTrack Dual Boot Install with Windows 7

    The first step is to install Windows 7 and use all disk space is not necessary to partition the disk as the Backtrack installation tool will do it. After installing Windows 7. Start with Backtrack 4 Final DVD, when prompted for login information, type the following (all lower case):
    User: root
    Password: toor
    Now to enter the graphics mode type startx. In the graphics mode you'll see an icon on the desktop called double click on this icon and start the installation wizard, select the first option where we use the same disk where Windows is installed using the free space in July, with the slider you can reduce the space used Backtrack select an area of about 40-60 Gb or adjust it depending on the total size of your disk and continue with the wizard's instructions.

    When the installation asks you to reboot the system reboots from the hard drive, the DVD is no need to backtrack when the system starts you will see that Grub gives you boot options between Ubuntu 8.10 and Windows Vista / Longhorn .

    Enter the username and password as described above and edit the file / boot/grub/menu.1st to rename the menu options, such as Ubuntu 8.10 instead of the change to four Final pwnsauce BackTrack and Instead of Windows Vista will change for Windows 7, to the above type:
    nano / boot / grub / menu.lst
    And change the text you want, be careful not to change other settings or to damage the boot. to save the changes press the keys CTRL + X and when asked if you want to save the changes responds Y and enter da to preserve the file name. Reboot and voila, happy hacking, do not forget to update your system to always have the latest pwnsauce with the commands:
    apt-get update
    apt-get upgrade
    apt-get dist-upgrade

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    Re: BackTrack Dual Boot Install with Windows 7

    BackTrack is launched by default. To have a choice to start the PC, configure lilo:
     root ~ # nano / etc / lilo.conf
    Add to end of file:
     other = / dev / votre_partition_windows
       label = Windows 7
    Finish by saving the file: CTRL ^ O (Ctrl + O)

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