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Thread: ubuntu software center crashes?

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    ubuntu software center crashes?

    Hello everyone,

    I am working on ubunut and there is some problem with the software library. when I open ubuntu software center it comes to opens for sometimes means near about .5 sec and then after automatically being closed and also some of my programs is not opening too.


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    ubuntu software center crashes?

    Have you tried to upgrade anything or have done something like that. You can fix the issue using following statement described as follows :

    apt-get update/upgrade
    Just execute this statement and it can open your software center to be run, And I hope it can fix your problem, just go through this and post me the details after execution of this one statement..

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    ubuntu software center crashes?

    Hello sir ,
    I tried to follow the same consideration that you given to me and I also did the same that you given to execute suggested as apt-get update/upgrade does not fix the issue. I have been doing that everyday as latest updates come in. I'm thinking that the issue would be fixed soon, but not sure as it seems the repositories are ready to go to court. Do you recommend any more idea...????

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    ubuntu software center crashes?

    You need to choose another track and just open the same within the terminal (type in software-center) or whatever it is called as , and find out what it says after it stops. I think, it should generate an error.This is the collection of the software for ubuntu and also know as software center.

    Just find out the bugs to see if anything else is matching with the same here.

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    ubuntu software center crashes?

    If you have installed any another third party software within your system that can causes the crashing of the software center then you need to go for the uninstallation of those software's. One thing more if you are running with the installation of GStreamer which is one of the program that can cause the error that you are getting and I will suggest you to just reinstall or remove it from the system and I hope this method can help you to resolve this issue.

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