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Thread: Power Button Missing

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    Power Button Missing

    Hi Guys,

    I have no idea why this is happening but the power button icon on the top right hand corner of my screen has vanished leaving an blank space there. Its Ubuntu system i am using.

    But, I am able to power off the computer system by using the key Ctrl + Alt + Del but I think the button is working better for me I hope I can get it back. Anybody have idea where the power button icon has gone and the most important why it has vanished?


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    Re: Power Button Missing

    If the power button is missing then add it to the panel, and if you do not like that place then just move it at the place, you want. You can move it by simply dragging the button at the place you want. Just note, there is no correct location for the specific Shut Down button.

    For moving an item on the panel to the right of the default, items for example network icon, time, etc. First thing you need to do, is to unlock those items. Then you will be then able to move the power button or any button wherever you want to then relocking it.

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    Re: Power Button Missing

    I was also facing the same “problem” when I have updated the Ubuntu Jaunty, the power button has disappeared, and could not find it when I want to turn off the computer system.
    It has moved to the menus search in the system menu. If you do not like it there, you can add or move it as suggested in the above reply. The best way is to have the icon at the place you want to have it.

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    Re: Power Button Missing

    The same thing has happened with me just a few days back. I think that the update is causing the problem. One more thing I am having windows system, not the Ubuntu one. For a temporary solution, I have clicked the top panel, clicked the “Add to Panel”, and then choose the Main Menu. This have created a new Ubuntu icon on the panel, and I am able to see the lock screen and logout or shutdown option.

    But I want to what has gone wrong.

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    Re: Power Button Missing

    Noting has gone wrong, the only thing it was just moved. Just check the system menu, where you have a preferences and administration. There you can see the buttons for Lock Screen, Log Out and Shut Down. If you want to have it where it was, one solution is what you have mentioned, and the another solution is to add Lock Screen, Log Out and Shut Down buttons.

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