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Thread: Clock on desktop doesn't match correct time

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    Clock on desktop doesn't match correct time

    Hi all,

    My Desktop background shows the clock and calendar, preferably fresh point, it seems little more comfortable. I want to put those on my desktop calendar, How to do this. Please suggest.

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    Dr. V Guest

    Re: Clock on desktop doesn't match correct time

    You need to right-click the desktop space, and then the shortcut menu from the pop-up the implementation of "Properties" command, open the "display" Properties dialog box and click the "Background" tab. Then you should click the "Browse" button, select the desired HTML document as your desktop background, click "Confirm" button, the system will be user selected HTML document as your desktop background. Check and reply.

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    Re: Clock on desktop doesn't match correct time

    I am using Xuehu Desktop Wizard from the well-known Web 2.0 sites Kaka Network produced. Xuehu Desktop Wizard is an excellent desktop tool, free, beautiful interface, easy operation, can be dynamically switched more than 500 kinds of skin. It sets the calendar, calendar, calendar, clock, network weather, holidays, reminders, tasks, notes, countdown, RSS reading, album, search engine, music players and many other functions in one, is the real script type Widget software, you can Through a custom skin settings file and script file to achieve a combination of multiple functions to meet the needs of your DIY personality to beautify your computer desktop, endless fun. All the best.

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    Clock on desktop doesn't match correct time

    To provide you with the following options:
    1) Click Start > All Programs > Accessories > Windows Sidebar.
    2) Start menu search box type "sidebar", Windows Sidebar was to find out, click to open.
    3) Hold down the Win + R key to open the Run window, run directly sidebar
    After opening the sidebar, right sidebar space, select Properties, will start with the windows can be checked.

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    Clock on desktop doesn't match correct time

    You need to click the "Start" menu < "Settings < Control Panel", locate and double-click "Regional and Language Options" icon. In the pop-up settings window, click on "Regional Options" tab - "Customize" button. Click the "Customize Regional Options" window "date" label, in the bottom of the "long date format," followed by the letter "dddd". Click "OK" button to return to the Control Panel. This time and then hover your mouse over the clock, the time of the system clock has to prompt the day week. All the best.

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    Clock on desktop doesn't match correct time

    Clock can be displayed on the desktop desktop plug-in, very small, but features a strong, transparent and free to set the clock to replace the skin. The installation instructions:
    (1) To choose to install in the phone, the software is small, when I installed the first time choose to install the card, but after installing can not find, then select the phone memory to install the second time, this time successfully, please have the card successfully installed on to add that I did not try more, try more than once may also card installed.
    (2) If installed, please start - settings - get your item, there should be CLOCK, and if not, the description is not installed successfully (no matter when you are prompted to install the success of your installation), please re-install, until it can find .
    (3) If the Start - Settings - Project found CLOCK, the instructions to install successfully, here click on it, right there on the option, and can be set in the options in the transparency and the skin.
    (4) If installed Samsung clock Please note that this software and it has compatibility problems, the solution is to modify the CLOCK.dll file under WINDOWS.

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