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Thread: How to install KDE without uninstalling Ubuntu

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    How to install KDE without uninstalling Ubuntu

    By default, Ubuntu is installed with the Gnome Desktop. Is it possible to switch to KDE without having to reinstall the entire system, it is possible to install it separately. Please guide me in this matter for your information i would like to tell you that i am using dell inspiron desktop installed with windows 7 as well as ubuntu. Any help would be appreciated heavily.

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    Re: How to install KDE without uninstalling Ubuntu

    I think it is possible to achieve this objective. KDE software consists of a large number of individual applications and a desktop workspace as a shell to run these applications. You can run KDE applications just fine on any desktop environment. KDE applications are built to integrate well with your system's components. By using also KDE workspace, you get even better integration of your applications with the working environment while lowering system resource needs.

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    Re: How to install KDE without uninstalling Ubuntu

    while booting in Ubuntu , you will have a choice between Gnome and KDE.

    • Open a terminal window dropdown menu Applications, Accessories, Terminal.
    • In the window that opens, type the command sudo add-apt-repository ACH: kubuntu-ppa/beta and press Enter. Enter your password and confirm with Enter. Sources Kunbutu are then added to the list of available sources.
    • Then enter Order sudo apt-get update and confirm with Entrance. Then enter the command sudo apt get dist-upgrade- and confirm with Enter.
    • Click key O then Hit enter
    • Finally, enter the command sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop and press Enter. Press O to continue and press Enter.
    • The KDE packages are then downloaded and installed. Press OK. Select the interface to start automatically to the start screen, kdm KDE for example and press Enter. Finally, restart your computer. You can then choose the desktop start.
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    Re: How to install KDE without uninstalling Ubuntu

    Follow the instructions which are mentioned below in order to get this problem solved.

    1. Go to System
    2. Open synaptic manager within the Administration.
    3. Now Search for kubuntu and rightclick the kubuntu-desktop also mark it for application.
    4. It will prompt you to mark a bunch of packages for installation , simply confirm by clicking the check box.
    5. Click Apply in the main window and the rest is done.

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