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Thread: Windows 7 Sysprep with OEM Drivers

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    Windows 7 Sysprep with OEM Drivers

    Hello everyone,
    I was having issue on this topic and i was wondering that if anybody has any idea or any suggestions that how to inject the drivers during the Windows 7 Sysprep. In the Windows XP operating system it was much more straight forward and easy. I have also tried the OEM WinPE drivers path and was unable. Please help me with this problem and also if anyone knows about this that if it is another bug in the Sysprep. Please help, Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Windows 7 Sysprep with OEM Drivers

    As i know that this is not done with the sysprep stage. Instead of that you can inject the drivers offline, that is after you have captured the image using it in the Windows 7 which is built-in command i.e "dism" which is a short for the Deployment Image Service and also for the Management tool. Hope this helps you out to make the difference between them.

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    Re: Windows 7 Sysprep with OEM Drivers

    As you have stated, i think you need to add drivers in the Windows 7 which is different from the Windows XP deployment. Also currently you can add a driver to the Windows in the several ways. Just follow the steps:

    1. You need to Add a Device Driver to the Windows PE image
    2. After that just go in Add and Remove Drivers using DISM
    3. Then Add Device Driver using the Windows Setup and an unattended answer file
    4. Then add Out-of-Box Drivers using a Distribution Share

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    Re: Windows 7 Sysprep with OEM Drivers

    For the same i use Ghost images. In the XP i used OEM PNP Drivers line in the Sysprep to specify the location of the driver, after that i used a better method. So i could create a WIM, and then i can inject the drivers, but I thought that this was just for the SATA and the SCSI drivers which are needed at the boot. Even if i inject them i don't know that how to get a WIM cleanly into the syspreped Ghost image. I need is a sysprep'd ghost image with all my drivers for the Dell laptops which was in xp.

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    Re: Windows 7 Sysprep with OEM Drivers

    I think you need to have the information on the same on the windows forum which can help you to get the proper answer and also if you want then you can go on the google search and find for the exact answer which can help you to get the best information and also as the above post they have suggested you some of the information, that can also be useful for you.

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