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Thread: XP mode in Windows 7 loses login detail

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    XP mode in Windows 7 loses login detail

    I have installed Windows 7 on my computer and it works great. But there is a problem with the XP mode in windows 7. It resets and forgot my login details on my computer. Recently i have removed the password from the virtual computer through control panel and then i enabled the guest account and had used the xp mode from a month with no problems. But there was a day when i tried to bootup, it asked me the login detail which was unexpected, it was always loads up straight to the desktop without asking me the username and password. And also i tried with username Administrator it said that "Your account has been disabled. Please see your system administrator ". I am unable to logon to XP mode. Please help me i don't know what to do..

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    Re: XP mode in Windows 7 loses login detail

    As you have stated your problem and i can say that we need to disable the Integration Features by which it can show it as a general virtual machine, and because of this we can also logon with the user account. You can see that the Administrator account which is disabled by default, we can also enable it now incase if we need to log on to the next time. So i think you have an idea on your problem and you can try the method which i have explained you.

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    Re: XP mode in Windows 7 loses login detail

    I found a method that worked for me, so if you are unable to log on to your computer then you can follow the steps which i have mentioned below:

    1. If you have not set up a password or you haven't removed your password than you need to disable the integration features and then log on with the XPMUser username with blank password.
    2. Or else if you have a password and you have been using it sucessfully than you need to disable the integration features that is log on with XPMUser username but you need to use the password which you were using it previously.

    Hope this helps you out.

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    Re: XP mode in Windows 7 loses login detail

    I was also having the same problem with my computer and none of the suggestions were working for me. So i did a method which greatly helped me to solve this problem. So you can so the following method which i did.

    1. You need to reboot your computer into the safe mode
    2. Then you need to log in with the administrator and no password
    3. After that go into the users accounts
    4. There you need to create a new admin account with a password.
    5. After that exit and then reboot computer in the normal mode.
    6. Then just login using your new account name and password.
    7. Finally you will see that the problem is gone and you can use without any logon problem.

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    Re: XP mode in Windows 7 loses login detail

    You can also use "Cain & Abel" which is a great tool and it helps us to recover all the login details and password for Microsoft Operating Systems. This program does not have any software vulnerabilities or any kind of bugs that could cause problem in the future. It covers some of the security aspects and weakness present in the protocol's standards, authentication methods and caching mechanisms. The main purpose of this tool is to recover all the passwords and credentials from the various sources. So if you want then you can have this tool on the internet.

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    Re: XP mode in Windows 7 loses login detail

    As Mrchris have suggested the method by which we can solve this problem of not getting loggedin on our computer. Yes i was also having the same problem but got solved with the help of the method which was suggested bu Mrchris. I was locked out with the admin account and trying to guess it. Then i used the method and i logged into the safe mode as administrator with no password, then created new admin and reset administrator password. And i was able to fix the problem.

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