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Thread: Network Security Key Mismatch

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    Network Security Key Mismatch

    Hello Everybody, I have installed windows 7 Ultimate on desktop computer and i am facing the problem while connecting my computer to an internet. Whenever i try to connect my WiFi so i am getting an error saying that "Network Security Key Mismatch" when i enter a password. It was working fine when i was using windows vista on my computer.

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    Re: Network Security Key Mismatch

    If you are trying to connect your router with your computer and it is not working because of wrong password then i think you need a update for your windows 7 operating system which might help you to install a new driver for your wifi router on windows 7. It might happen that the wrong password would not be the main reason behind this.

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    Re: Network Security Key Mismatch

    I think you are mistaken in entering the password to connect your WiFi router to the computer, sometimes it happens that you keep on entering the wep security code provided on the router but that is not a wpa password which you must enter to connect your router. You must go to the start menu and open an All Programs where you can found the latest updates for your computer system.

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    Re: Network Security Key Mismatch

    No matter if you can not your router your desktop computer i think you should try to configure the wireless connection manually on your computer. You have to go to the Network and Sharing Center which tell you that your PC can successfully access the Internet or not. Go to Manage Wireless Networks on left pane select for the wireless network that you are using on your computer and click on the Properties. Open the security and check for the settings where i have noticed that people has TKIP was chosen instead of AES encryption or it might also happen that there is WPA was chosen instead of WPA2.

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    Re: Network Security Key Mismatch

    I am using the Linksys wireless router on my windows 7 computer was having the same problem on it while connecting but i have found a solution for that. Go to the Start menu and open Control Panel where you would be having Network and Sharing Center. So in this folder you can find Manage Wireless Networks where your router's wireless security is there in the settings. You just have to select for the WPA2 Personal at the place of WEP. Then change the TKIP to TKIP+AES. Now set the 64bit 10 hex, password and save all the settings. Now you can try for connecting your router to access an internet.

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    yes, wpa2-personal goes with second secur key from the device and the wpa-personal goes with the one setted by me(name and key).....both aes. tnx, and hpe this is usefull for u

    ps u have to work both in device's and wireless network --that the computer sees--propertyes

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