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Thread: System image includes non system disk in window 7 backup

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    System image includes non system disk in window 7 backup

    My first difficulty is how ridiculously slow the backup is, but this has been discussed at length elsewhere. My next difficulty is the backup stalls when I attempt to backup a folder which I know has got a variety of bits of malware in. I am an IT pro and use the files in this folder for testing purposes. OK fair enough I guess, although I think the backup should handle this event a bit more gracefully. So I have zipped and password confined the aberrant files to hide them from the AV (security fundamentals by the way)

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    Re: System image includes non system disk in window 7 backup

    This action normally occurs if your boot files are stored in that drive or that is system partition for one more Windows system. If you desire to change the place of the boot files, the best method is re-formatting and reinstalling Windows 7. Or else you need to change the Active drive from Disk Management, then restart and run Startup Repair.

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    Re: System image includes non system disk in window 7 backup

    There are no boot files present on this drive I detached the data drive and windows booted and operated well, there is no additional windows system on this drive and never has been.

    Computer management shows the drive as fit (Active, Primary Partition) with merely a single partition, precisely the same as my other data drive which is not incorporated in the system image.

    Only the C drive is screening as having boot and system position.

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    Re: System image includes non system disk in window 7 backup

    May be any game which has an updating service if that so then window 7 will see the services as system files hence it flagged E: as a system disk.
    In that case you have to copy the DA Updater Service to a new folder on my C: drive (Program Files/Dragon Age Origins Updater) and alter the reference to the service from E: to C: in the registry. After that you can do a system image of C: and C:
    I will suggest you and the others which are having the same issue to check carefully throughout the services and see where they are linked to. Because if you have any services running on drive other than C: then Windows will see it as a system drive.

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