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Thread: Windows 7 does not recognize external hard disk

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    Windows 7 does not recognize external hard disk

    I am using a custom made desktop installed with windows 7. When i try to connect a portable hard disk to my system it results in nothing it seems at it will play within seconds but then it fails. Also when i try this external hard disk with another system with windows XP it recognizes the device. please tell my why windows 7 is not recognizing my external hard disk. Suggest a suitable solution too.
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    Re: Windows 7 does not recognize external hard disk

    It appears as your USB ports are not working since when you can access this device from a different system. Hence i would suggest you to check it with some the ports on the system it might just be the case of damaged USB port if the External device gets recognized by the other port then get the ports changed.

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    Re: Windows 7 does not recognize external hard disk

    Thanks for the reply but i am not able to solve this error since the same case happen when i try to connect it on another port since none of my usb ports can detect the external hard disk. Since if the usb port detects other devices this clearly indicates that there is no issue with the USB port please give me a different solution.

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    Re: Windows 7 does not recognize external hard disk

    Follow the step by step instructions which i have listed below

    Go to Start Menu ,
    In the search box type device manager press "Enter". Click Continue if prompted
    Double click on disk drives in order to expand it.
    Now right click the external and select properties.
    Check for any error message listed.

    Post the error message in your further replies so that i can give you a suitable solution.

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    Re: Windows 7 does not recognize external hard disk

    Some times these errors arise when your system is infected by a virus or a malicious program and hence it would be better if you try to get rid of this virus. There seems not problem with the hard disk as well as the USB ports since you have checked it on a different system too. Scan your system to solve this problem.

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    Re: Windows 7 does not recognize external hard disk

    I just fixed a system with the same issues! the motherboard Reqiured Special USB drivers!
    Yes I know WAKY after I got the bus to work it only worked under usb 1
    I just droped in a PCI usb card and he was happy!

    I,m guessing you did a clean install of windows! I guessing you used x86 and not x64!

    I would only use x64 as a Target for my GUN!
    SEE all the others using x64 with issues! when will they wake up!

    You might want to check the voltage on the power supply to your external Drive! if it is undervolted it will start but not have enough power to be recognized! this happens alot with MOBILE externals!
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    Re: Windows 7 does not recognize external hard disk

    If the drive isn't formatted, it won't be recognized. You usually don't need jumpers on SATA although I understand if you're using a SATA 1.5 on SATA 3.0 connection or vice versa you may have to adjust jumpers.

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