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Thread: How to uninstall Hyper-V Integration Services?

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    How to uninstall Hyper-V Integration Services?

    Hello friends,
    I have installed the Hyper-V and I had created a virtual machine, but I can not start the virtual machine. I am not able to get the reason behind this cause.!! So I have decided to uninstall that integration services. So please tell me how to uninstall Hyper-V Integration Services? The other reason for uninstalling is that I can not perform a network installation of a guest operating system.!! Need your help as soon as possible.

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    Re: How to uninstall Hyper-V Integration Services?

    The hypervisor is not running. I think that you are getting the following error which would appear in the System event log : "Unable to start the virtual machine because the hypervisor was not running". The computer must meet a physical hardware required to run the hypervisor. If the computer does not meet the conditions, you can not use this computer to run virtual machines. If the computer meets the conditions and that the hypervisor is not running, it may be necessary to activate the settings for hardware-assisted virtualization and for the DEP data in hardware in the BIOS. If you change these settings, you must put your computer off and then turn back on. Restarting the computer does not apply the changes to settings.
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    Re: How to uninstall Hyper-V Integration Services?

    I think that cause for not performing a network installation of a guest operating system, can be the virtual machine that uses a network adapter instead of a legacy network card, or NIC inherited is not connected to an external network appropriate. You should verify that the virtual machine is configured with a legacy network adapter that is connected to an external network offering installation services.
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    Re: How to uninstall Hyper-V Integration Services?

    To uninstall the integration services you need to do the following :
    1. In HyperV Manager -> select the machine -> in Action -> Insert Integration Service Setup Disk (so you'll have the installer of the integration services)
    2. Open a Command Prompt window (DOS)
    3. Cd D: \ support \ amd64
    4. Setup / uninstall
    5. Restart the virtual machine to finish the procedure.

    After this procedure you can return to again install the integration services. I hope that will be useful, if you can not resolve do not hesitate to write again.
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    Re: How to uninstall Hyper-V Integration Services?

    Concerning the operation of the virtual machine the only problem that I understand that you got is that you can not use the mouse to the virtual machine in a session by terminal services (RDP). If you use Windows Vista or Windows 7 you can install the Remote Administration Tools (RSAT) to have the HyperV administrator from a client computer. Also check for missing a patch on the Hyper-V host from host Microsoft Update.
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    Re: How to uninstall Hyper-V Integration Services?

    Many times you might observe that Device Manager in the guest operating system, some devices are listed as unknown. The Device Manager does not recognize devices that are optimized for use in virtual machines and running with Hyper-V until the integration services are installed. Unknown devices are identified in Device Manager vary depending on the guest operating system and may include: VMBus, HID Miniport VMBus Microsoft, Microsoft Network Card Miniport VMBus and storvsc.
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    Re: How to uninstall Hyper-V Integration Services?

    Thanks, This worked for me (Fix the unknown devices in Device Manager).

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