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Thread: Hyper-V Manager RPC Error

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    Hyper-V Manager RPC Error

    I have installed Hyper-V Server natively, that is to say without any other OS on the machine. I added the server in our area so well that it recognizes my user that has administrator roles and I added my user in the list of directors Local 'Server Hyper-V. As a result I go to server Hyper-V with my Windows Vista, I connect myself and even creates a virtual HDD. But when I want to create a virtual machine I receive the error message :
    • RPC server is unavailable. Unable To establish communication between "HyperV" and "Name of the machine with Vista.

    Please tell some solutions for the Hyper-V Manager RPC Error!!
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    Re: Hyper-V Manager RPC Error

    I guess if you are working with virtual machines in corporate environments (Microsoft) and will you be using Hyper-V servers to handle them. I recently encountered a problem that has to do with remote administration. The case was that from my Windows Vista with all the pack administration Remote Server (formerly called the RSAT) tried to mount a USB hard disk as fixed to expand a VHD to it.

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    Re: Hyper-V Manager RPC Error

    If we expand [Storage] shows the Disk Management [Disk Management] and this part of the console is giving an error. At the bottom of the console can read something like "The RPC Server is unavailable". This bug only occurs if both the server and the client not correctly configured firewall. So I would like to suggest you to configure firewall properly and then try again.!!

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    Re: Hyper-V Manager RPC Error

    This is solved with the following statement in a command console :
    advfirewall netsh firewall set rule group = "Remote Volume Management" new enable = yes
    or open the firewall and creating rules through its UI. Hope that your problem will get solved.

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    Re: Hyper-V Manager RPC Error

    Either you do not activate the instructions Intel VT or AMD-V on your machine, or you have an HP Prolians and there is RSBU in the bios. Or else it can come to your antivirus. Try to install the latest anti-virus that should be updated. Then scan your system and try to follow the steps mentioned by the 'Dilbert'. Doing that might fix your issue.

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    Re: Hyper-V Manager RPC Error

    To configure Windows Vista SP1 :
    1. Log on to the computer running Windows Vista SP1.
    2. Enable the firewall rules for Windows Management Instrumentation. From a command prompt with elevated privileges, type:
      advfirewall netsh firewall set rule group = "Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI)" new enable = yes
    3. Enable a firewall exception for Microsoft Management Console. From a command prompt with elevated privileges, type :
      Netsh firewall add allowedprogram program =% windir% \ system32 \ mmc.exe name = "Microsoft Management Console"
    4. Start the Hyper-V Manager to verify that you can connect remotely to the server. Click Start, click the Start Search box, type Manager Hyper-V and press ENTER. When the system prompts you to confirm the action, click Continue. Since Hyper-V Manager, under Actions, click Connect to Server. Enter the computer name or scroll to it, and click OK. If Hyper-V Manager can connect to the remote computer, the computer name appears in the navigation panel and the results pane will list all virtual machines configured on the server.
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