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Thread: help with NVRD32 sys

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    help with NVRD32 sys

    Hello to all,
    Due to some problem in Windows xp home edition, I tried to install Windows xp professional edition. But system will not allow me to do this, because it said that I don't have a nvrd32 sys file. I don't know where to find this file. Can anyone tell me what is it and from where to get it. Please help me with NVRD32 sys.
    Thank you.

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    Re: help with NVRD32 sys

    Hey this is common type of error message. These mostly happened with Dell XP disks. This is because Dell inform the disks from a standard Windows XP CD. To fix this problem use following steps.
    1.First find the SystemCore.inf file in the following location.
    [UBCD4Win]\oem1\!System-Core(023)\ folder.
    2.Now edit this file with text editor.
    3.Open this file and go to Dell OEM CD Fix" area on about line 105 -> now add following lines to it.

    Now save the file.

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    Re: help with NVRD32 sys

    Nvrd32.sys file description
    Productname: NVIDIA nForce(TM) RAID Driver
    Description: NVIDIAŽ nForce(TM) RAID Driver
    Company: NVIDIA Corporation
    File size: Various

    I think this file is a chipset driver and have to installed via F6 Floppy during installation of Windows xp cd.

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    Re: help with NVRD32 sys

    Hi there and welcome to our forum. You have to manually build and install Nvrd32 sys file in your computer. I have given following for you. Just go there and understand how build and install Nvrd32 sys file. Just read carefully.
    Manual Textmode Integration of Nvrd32.sys/ Nvgts.sys

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    Re: help with NVRD32 sys

    Hey you have to use following steps to repair nvrd32.sys error. I think it is registry problem.
    1.First download and install a registry cleaner in your computer.
    2.Open registry cleaner and then scan your whole computer.
    3.Now click on the Fix button and you done.

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