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Thread: awc.exe Error

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    awc.exe Error

    I am using a custom desktop installed with windows 7. I have recently downloaded a new tiny application. After the installation of this application when i rebooted the system my system started giving an error message awc.exe error . I do not know how to go about this also try to explain this in some more details. I would really appreciate your help.

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    Re: awc.exe Error

    AWC.exe is present in the program files within the C: directory. It is of the size 2,584,115 bytes. To remove this program you will have to uninstall it using the control panel. This file can record your inputs and also your internet search preferences. Therefore i would suggest you to remove this file as soon as possible.

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    Re: awc.exe Error

    As far as i know this is a type of Malwares which records all your Google searches. This records are then sorted and ads similar to the keywords are then sent to your desktop whenever you go online. So it will be beneficial to get rid of this threat if you want your search and data to be secure enough.

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    Re: awc.exe Error

    Follow the instructions which i have mentioned below in order to get rid of the problem or to remove the awc.exe error.
    • Download ToolsCleaner application on your system and double-click it to launch the program.
    • Click Search and let the scan is complete (it may take about ten minutes maximum).
    • After the research started, do not click in the window, it would cause a slight bug in the program.
    • ToolsCleaner will definitely take care of such bugs and will remove it from your system.

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    Re: awc.exe Error

    Try a system restore on the machine since restore will definitely help you to get rid of this problem. Restore the desktop to a date before where you have not installed the application and your system might not have got such error. After the system restore this error will be solved and you will not get this error anymore.

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    Re: awc.exe Error

    Most probably this error occurs when you have installed some applications associated with Iobit. It appears as you have installed the Iobit advanced system care on your system i would recommend you to uninstall that application from your system and then remove all the traces from the program files too.

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