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Thread: iptables: No chain/target/match by that name

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    iptables: No chain/target/match by that name


    I am using Linux red hat and getting some difficulties,I am trying to configure my firewall installed on my pc,there is no network with my machine and only single machine.

    Fist I recompiled my kernel to get iptables support. I have kernel 2.4.20..where I am lacking to confgure it and if my config file generating error then please suggest me to handle this situation occurred by system.


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    iptables: No chaining matching

    it seems much like you are getting lacked with some modules, rather than a well scripted firewall script. You need to test with lsmod and be sure that you have modules loaded for the iptables flags and chains. Just take a look at these modules which I have loaded below and relevant for iptables:

    According to me, You're not loading one or more of them. Just check it out and install the rest of the modules.

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    iptables: No chaining matching

    Unless you are ready to produce a small kernel, configure the kernel options for entire netfilter entries to <M> to build them modules.

    Using this method, they will load when they are accessed from the iptables rules and you won't requires to load them manually.There are still some options for ipchains amd ipfwadm. that called <N> for these to ignore difficulties further.

    Debian discarded these options as modules for users upgrading from 2.2 kernels and who still need to keep their ipchains scripts.

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    iptables: No chaining matching

    Iptables is being used to configure, management, and inspect the tables of IP packet filter rules in the Linux kernel. There are so many separate tables may be described. Every table has a number of built-in chains and may also contain user-provided chains.

    Every chain is a record of rules that can match a group of packets.Every rule indicates what to do with a packet that matches. This is known as a `target', that may be a divert onto a user-defined chain in the existing table.

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    How to Use iptables

    There are so many task can be performed using iptable,you can start with three built-in chains INPUT, OUTPUT and FORWARD that you are not eligible remove. Just tale a look at the operations to manage whole chains:

    • For creating a new chain (-N).
    • For deleting an unallocated chain (-X).
    • Change the policy for a built-in chain. (-P).
    • List the rules in a chain (-L).
    • Flush the rules out of a chain (-F).
    • Zero the packet and byte counters on all rules in a chain (-Z).

    These are the options can be included with the iptables for performing different operation.

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