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Thread: Configuring ethernet in linux

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    Configuring ethernet in linux

    Hello all,

    I am running with Linux red hat and need to guidance about the ethernet card.Can you tell me the procedure two configure the ethernet card and in case if I have connected two ethernet card with my system.

    How to configure both of them,please suggest me the right way to resolve the problem.


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    Configuring ethernet in linux

    To access the data and if you wanted to work with the networking system the it is necessary to implement the ethernet card into your computer system.

    It performs a vital role to create the network and the networks defines the connection of network configuration.If you are connected with two ethernet card into your system then you can get two IP addresses and can run upon two different networks.

    The ethernet card defines your path of network.

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    Configuring Ethernet on Linux nodes

    If you are connected with a fresh ethernet card and you need to configure the ethernet card in linux then you have to do the following steps :

    1- `Execute getadapters to find the adapter information and generate the stanza file using the command :
    getadapters -t ent -z /csminstall/tmp/mystanzafile -n clstrn01
    2- This command searches for Ethernet adapters on node clstrn01 and puts the evaluated contents in the stanza file.
    3- Now edit the stanza file and add the required parameters in the files
    4- Save with the full path name of the stanza file with appropriate node definition and run the file with the following command :
    getadapters -W -f mystanzafile
    5- Now,just configure the adapters and execute the updatenode command with the -c option:

    updatenode -c -n clstrn01

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    Configuring ethernet in linux

    There are so many commands and methods are being used to configure the ethernet card connected with your system.You can perform it with the different manner and environment,some of them are defined here through which you can control on the configuration :

    • GUI tool system-config-network
    • Command line tool system-config-network-tui
    • Edit configuration files stored in /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/

    These are the three method of configuring the ethernet card into the linux environment.

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    Configuration using GUI tool system-config-network

    You can use very easily manner and very effective method to configure the ethernet card for driving the network,There are few steps to use this :

    1- You need to type the command to open the dialog control in GUI mode :

    $ system-config-network &
    2- After that you would see a dialog box which contains the GUI configuration of network devices.
    3- If you added a new Ethernet card then you need to choose the NEW button to add the new device and enter the required parameters to get it listed in the dialog.
    4- After adding the new information for new card,you can activate the connected card with the help of buttons above in the dialog.

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