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Thread: Creating script with GREP OR ?

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    Creating script with GREP OR ?

    Hi ,

    I am using Unix operating system and need some suggestion regarding script. From a large file containing text I would like to be able to look for a word , and then extract the word with the next n amount of characters or the next amount of characters untill it hits a certain character (such as a / or a ], but not extract the whole line.

    Any idea and help would be great for me!

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    Re: Creating script with GREP OR ?

    Hello man !

    You want to create a script or to choose the command line to perform whatever you want to do anything else but i have a good suggestion.You question was very difficult to understand that what exactly you need to do.

    I have a solution and you need not create script,you can issue this command from the terminal .

    $ grep beginword infile | sed -e "s/.*beginword/beginword/g" -e "s/endword.*/endword/g"

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    Creating script with GREP OR ?

    I think,you need to use this script to achieve your desire.The script is coded as follows -

    while read line
    if echo "$line"|grep "$word" > /dev/null
    then # if word exists in line
    len=${#line} # length of line
    mypos=$(echo "$line"|awk ' { print index($0, "'"$word"'")} ')
    while [[ $mypos -le $len ]]
    do # stop at the end of the line
    # grab the character
    charpos=$(echo "$line"| cut -c$mypos)
    # get the next char position
    if [[ $charpos = "/" || $charpos == "]" ]]
    then # stop at / or ]
    # build the string
    echo "$str"
    done < myfile

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    Creating script with GREP ?

    According to me,the grep -E command line would be helpful for you to deal with this type of problem.It's exactly a link to this option as 'egrep' because it's so easier :

    The command can be constructed as follows -

    egrep -o '(match|this|or|this)' file.txt

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    Variation of Grep command

    This would be the one of the helpful site for you to know more about the grep command and their behavior.

    The page would help you provide different optional arguments can be attached with the grep command and then just find out the proper solution for your self and create the script for your own.

    The long description about the Grep command.

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