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Thread: Window 7 not able to see other on the LAN

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    Window 7 not able to see other on the LAN

    Hello Everyone,
    I'm running window 7 64-bit and everybody are running on XP pro on a LAN.
    I'm able to access the server a network path just fine but I'm not able to see anybody else on the network. They can see just fine. I would like to see their machines and get some file off their machines. How do I fix that issue?


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    Re: Window 7 not able to see other on the LAN

    Have you disabled the IPv6 support of Windows7? If not then you will have to disable the IPv6 support of Windows 7 so that the computer is able to see other computers on the network. To disable the IPv6 support, go to TCP/IP utilities and then remove the check mark from the option which says "Enable IPv6" and save the settings. Also check if the IP of the computer is in the same subnet as of other computers on the network.

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