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Thread: USB key compatibility issues

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    USB key compatibility issues


    By formatting a USB key on my mac leopard, and whatever the filesystem (NTFS, FAT32), it is not readable under Windows XP , the system asks me to format it. But it is readable in vista or Windows 7. If I format the same key under both OS, it is still not readable in Windows XP. I must format it under Windows XP for this.

    In this case, my question: Is there a utility under windows, to format a key in making sure it is compatible with any version of Windows used? Basically, I am forced to format my key in Windows XP to be compatible or Windows XP Is there an app to format it in vista or Windows 7, with windows xp compatibility?

    Thank you in advance

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    Re: USB key compatibility issues

    And why have you formatted your key with the Mac? Users of Mac OS X with Bootcamp Windows may struggle to modify or update your documents and files in the Windows partition - usually it is in NTFS format system file that you can read the drive natively in Mac OS X but not write it.

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    Re: USB key compatibility issues

    I had the same problem since when I went to Snow Leopard. If I format a disk in the tongue, it automatically uses the GUID partition table that Windows will not read even if you formatted in FAT32. Before Snow Leopard, when you have deleted a disk, it would not change the schema partition map.

    Trick which worked for me is to delete sensitive data in the tab, then go to the Partition tab, click Options, then select Master Boot Record, then do FAT32 is selected and click Apply.

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    Re: USB key compatibility issues

    I have the solution: format the device concerned . In Windows XP. In fact, if you format a USB key under seven, vista or mac os into windows file format (FAT or NTFS), it will be readable seven mac or vista but will not be recognized by XP. So if it is formatted under Windows XP, it is recognized everywhere ...

    Basically, keep a PC running Windows XP handy if you format a key and you want it to be visible under Windows XP.

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    Re: USB key compatibility issues

    I suppose the USB drive is formatted NTFS? Mac OS X can read this format, but can not write (or delete) have. Try using Disk Utility and choose MS-DOS. The best choice is initially formatted for Windows. The Mac will read the file system is Windows, but Windows does not return the favor and will not see any file that is placed at the root of the drive.

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