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Thread: What are the vulnerabilities on Linux server?

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    What are the vulnerabilities on Linux server?

    With the expansion of Linux enterprise applications, there are a large number of Web servers using the Linux operating system. Linux server's security features are more and more attention. Attack on the Linux server is defined as: attack is a device intended to obstruct, damage, weaken, and undermine the security of Linux serverís unauthorized behavior. Attacks can range from denial of service until they are completely the harm and destruction of Linux servers. On Linux there are many types of server attacks so I need to know the information related to the vulnerabilities of Linux server.

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    Re: What are the vulnerabilities on Linux server?

    As the proliferation of DoS attack tools, and the protocol layer against defects in short-term cannot change the fact that, DoS has become the most widely circulated, the most difficult to prevent the attack. Denial of service attacks include distributed denial of service attacks, distributed reflective denial of service attacks, DNS distributed denial of service attacks, FTP attacks. Most denial of service attack resulting in relatively low-risk, even those that might cause the system to restart the attack was only a temporary problem. Such attacks to a large extent different from those who want to control access to network attacks, generally does not affect data security, but the denial of service attacks will continue for a long time, very tough.

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    Re: What are the vulnerabilities on Linux server?

    According to me there is no one absolute way to stop such attacks. But this does not mean that we should be stopping it, in addition to emphasis on individual hosts from being used to enhance the importance of the protection, strengthening the management of the server is a very important part. Verify that the software must be installed and filtering capabilities to test the text of the paper addresses the real source address. In addition several denial of service can be used for the following measures: closure of unnecessary services, restrictions on Synchronization half-open connections at the same time, shorten the Synchronization half-time of the connection time out and promptly update the system patch.

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    Local non-authorized users to access their files read and write permissions

    Local user is defined as any local network machines have a password, so in a drive has a directory of users. Get into their local users unauthorized file read and write permission to pose a danger to a large extent depend on whether the issue has been the key to access files. Any local user unfettered access to the temporary files directory (/ tmp) are dangerous, it can potentially lead to the laying of a path to the next level of attack.

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    Re: What are the vulnerabilities on Linux server?

    Your password attack is the main attack, damage; passwords are the most common attack methods. Password crackers are used to describe the use or non-use tool to penetrate the case of networks, systems or resources to unlock password-protected resources in a term. Users often ignore their passwords; the password policy is difficult to be implemented. Hackers have a variety of tools can defeat technology and society protected by password. Include: a dictionary attack (Dictionary attack), blended attacks (Hybrid attack), and brute-force attacks (Brute force attack). Once the hackers have the user's password, he will have a lot of the user's privileges. Password conjecture is manually entered password or through a series of good general procedure to obtain the original password. Some users choose simple passwords - such as birthdays, anniversaries and spouse's name, but do not follow you should use letters, numbers, mixed use rules. For hackers to guess the birthday of a string of eight characters of data not take long.

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    Re: What are the vulnerabilities on Linux server?

    TCP / IP is the continuous theft of the actual network sniffer, note that if you are sure that someone pick up your own network sniffer, you can find some verification tools. This tool is called time domain reflectometry measurement device (Time Domain Reflect meter, TDR). TDR transmission of electromagnetic waves and changes measured. A TDR connected to the network, able to detect unauthorized access to network data equipment. However, many small and medium company does not have such expensive tools.

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