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Thread: Installing problem in GUI with Linux

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    Installing problem in GUI with Linux

    I have a laptop and needed to use linux on that laptop.I was ready to install the Linux redhat and the setup is running in CUI mode but I wanted to install in GUI and when I start the installation in GUI mode,it occur some error and prevents me to install in GUI environment.Please tell me the best solution to find out my way and if any configuration required then please suggest that also.

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    Installing problem in GUI with Linux

    The installation can be done on CUI mode and GUI mode btoh and different environment also.

    The Installation can be performed with a single CD-ROM or DVD-ROM and if you are working in the networking environment then you can install on every computer at a time using server strategy.

    The image file would be stored on the server of the network and execute the log file which will collect the address from the network server and fetch the image copy from the installation would be committed after some speed dependent minutes.

    In the organizations,Number of computers are installed in this way.

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    Changing runlevel for GUI in Linux

    Changing run-level for GUI in Linux

    You can change the run-level to start your environment in only graphical mode.To do this the INITTAB.conf file comes in the picture.

    The inittab file explains and decides which processes would be executed at booting and normal operation i.e. /etc/init.d/boot, /etc/init.d/rc, gettys...

    The Entry of a statement in inittab file takes the following form :


    Where id uniquely identifies an entry sequence from 1 to 4 characters in inittab.
    runlevelsList of run-levels for which the particular action needs to be taken.
    Actionidentifies which action needs to be taken.
    processto execute particular process.

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    Installing problem in GUI with Linux

    To get enter into GUI,you can execute the startx which can covert the environment in GUI and if you tried it as but not getting success to do that you can use this statement to change the environment at appropriate run levels

    You need to edit some little changes in the /etc/inittab and change the following parameters as guided below :

    Change from: id:3:initdefault:
    Change to: id:5:initdefault:
    This parameter will decide that at which level the user would run now.

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    Runlevels in linux

    Runlevels in linux

    Linux contains a feature which is called "runlevels".A runlevel, a software which configures the system and permit only the decided group of processes would be included in the action.The Init process is capable to execute the system from one to eight runlevels.

    The runlevels are described as follows:

    0		Halt
    1		Single user mode
    2		Multiuser, without NFS (The same as 3, if you don't have networking)
    3		Full multiuser mode
    4		unused
    5		X11
    6		Reboot

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