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Thread: How to Remove Unnecessary Updates from Mac

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    How to Remove Unnecessary Updates from Mac

    I had installed and removed many software's in past. Due to that there are lots of unnecessary updates in my computer which are remained. I did not know the way to remove them. I believe that in future that can make my system unstable. What are the ways by which I can remove those unnecessary updates from my MAC pc to avoid future system crash. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: How to Remove Unnecessary Updates from Mac

    When using a computer, we like to install new software, test, possibly uninstall, and also ensure that his little toy is still in date, and thus difficult to ignore the many updates update software installed on your Mac. This updates are like minor which comes from free tools like from version 2.1 to version 2.2. The toher is like some freeware updates. You can leave them as it is.

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    Re: How to Remove Unnecessary Updates from Mac

    Here is a way to remove old updates form your system. For athta you have pass on the following command in the mac terminal - grep swupd /etc/swupd/ > ~/Desktop/update_list.txt. By this you will get the list of updates that are on your system on the desktop of your system. Now you can figure out the details on updates from it.

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    Re: How to Remove Unnecessary Updates from Mac

    The simplest is to go into the applications folder and Suppress the chosen application was using the trash. Putting the program's applications folder to the Trash and empty it, makes this program completely disappear, but often leaves the icon in the dock. You have to also check your system settings for the removal of this programs. Try App cleaner tool for that.

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    Re: How to Remove Unnecessary Updates from Mac

    The updates can be removed from the Terminal by passing out command for each updates separately. Like for example if you want to remove Safar 2.0.1 updates from your system then you will have to type sudo rm -rf /usr/share/swupd/html/061-2048/. The information about the update is listed in the text file which is generated on the desktop of your system by passing on the command given in above post.

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    Re: How to Remove Unnecessary Updates from Mac

    You can make updates inactive. For that go to System Preferences from the Apple Menu. Choose Software Update from the View menu. And then click Update Now. The Software Update window appears, containing a list of available updates that you have not installed. Click to select the update you wish to make inactive. You may also choose Select All from the Edit menu. Choose Make Inactive from the Update menu. A confirmation dialog appears that says Are you sure you want to remove the update <name of update> from the list .

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