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Thread: Expiry symptoms of Windows 7 RC

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    Expiry symptoms of Windows 7 RC

    Hi, i am a Windows 7 user. Actually i have installed Windows 7 RC Build 7100 last year somewhere in May. Now, i guess its expiration is near, and if i am not wrong it is in May or June 2010, right ? Actually, from last couple of days, my system is behaving in some strange manner, like it is taking much time for startup, reboots sometimes automatically, etc. So i wanted to know the Expiry symptoms of Windows 7 RC ? Please help me out. Help appreciated.

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    Re: Expiry symptoms of Windows 7 RC

    Yeah, few are left now for the Expiration of Windows 7 RC. From 1 March, users of Windows 7 RC will begin to receive reminders on your computer to buy the official version of the system and updated. Although the RC will be operational until June, so nobody will forget you have to go replacing it, in March the system will start off every two hours, that could cause data loss. From 1 June the system desktop disappears and instead there will be a message that can be read that the license is no longer valid, so the client can not perform updates.

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    Re: Expiry symptoms of Windows 7 RC

    Expiration of Windows 7 RC:

    The notification process begins to expire February 15, 2010:
    • Windows 7 RC displays an expiration notice once daily in the taskbar.
    • Notification wizard appears on screen for users of Windows 7 RC every four hours, then every hour.

    From 1 March 2010, Windows 7 RC enters the next phase of expiration:
    • Notification of expiry of the taskbar continue.
    • Computers running Windows 7 RC reboot every two hours.

    The expiry date of Windows 7 RC is 1 June 2010:
    • Windows starts with a blank desktop.
    • Windows 7 RC display screen Activate Windows. This screen indicates that the Windows operating system running on the computer is not genuine.
    • Computers running Windows 7 RC reboot every two hours.

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    Re: Expiry symptoms of Windows 7 RC

    Windows 7 RC will expire on 1 June 2010.To continue using your computer, you must prepare to install the final version of Windows 7 or install an earlier version of Windows before the expiry date of 1 June 2010. You will not be able to perform the upgrade to Windows 7 RC version of Windows 7. However, you can backup or transfer your data to your next operating system or an earlier operating system.

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    Re: Expiry symptoms of Windows 7 RC

    Starting March 1, therefore, the use of the system becomes painful. Every two hours, the system sends a signal to disconnect the session, forcing users to quit all running applications. For those who used the release candidate so far, that means preparing to migrate to the final ... or change the operating system.

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