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Thread: Choice under upgrade from Panther to Tiger

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    Choice under upgrade from Panther to Tiger

    I am planning for upgrading my operating system from MAC Panther to Tiger. But the main problem which lies in between is the data, applications and user settings in it. It will waste my long time to reconfigure that all back again. How to care for their migration and keep their personal data. What are the different choices available under this category to safely upgrade without any loss.

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    Re: Choice under upgrade from Panther to Tiger

    The Tiger installer is very effective and partly simplified. It remains important to safeguard your data and personal preferences such as email, passwords or some favorite applications. There are various methods that you can choose for the installation. You can choose upgrade Mac OS X, which keeps all data on the disk, follow the installer. By this you will does need to add all the stuff in your computer back again.

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    Re: Choice under upgrade from Panther to Tiger

    Archive and Install is also a way of install the new operating system on a MAC based computer. But the best part of this method of installation is that this will effectively save your old data in a folder at the root of your hard drive, you lose nothing that is because there is no eraser of data. With this option you also have the opportunity to retain and re-import your personal data, which adds to the comfort of this facility this is some what similar to upgrade

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    Re: Choice under upgrade from Panther to Tiger

    One the mode of installation in MAC OS is Erase and Install. This simply means erase everything and install the fresh copy of the same. This is recommended only if have a backup of your data and personal settings. Otherwise you will loose everything. I recommend this because by doing a fresh installation lots of virus issues and bugs are resolved. Then you can manually add up your data back in your computer.

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    Re: Choice under upgrade from Panther to Tiger

    Here are the some list of file which I will advice you to take backup of. They are Applications, Library, System, Users, etc. So you can simply import them in your computer and thus a easy way to get back your old working environment. Do not forget, for those who use the WebServer folder to / Library, save your sites! If you host sites, please remember to make a copy of your httpd.conf file.

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    Re: Choice under upgrade from Panther to Tiger

    If you are thinking of backing up the application in MAC then it is better to download them fresh from the internet. They lies in your Application folder. Finally, for those who use fonts, copy the fonts folder from / Library. This I had done in my case when I had upgraded to Tiger. This were the customized font. You can follow this technique if you want some specific software's in your PC. I will advice to take help of Migration Assistant in this matter.

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