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Thread: Control panel not found

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    Control panel not found

    Hello. I have a desktop system and it is been installed with Windows Vista as the operating system. The problem is that my control panel is been found missing. It is not there. I do not know how it did happen? This is really screwing my brains off. Please help me out so that I can carry out my function that I need. Hope to get the solution. Thank you.

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    Re: Control panel not found

    You can make the things to work out by running a command utility for the same. You need to follow the steps:

    1) Click on the start button.
    2) Now execute the Run command by clicking on it.
    3) Type control.exe in the command and hit enter.
    4) Now look out for the change..

    the control panel might be now opened or located.

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    Re: Control panel not found

    There may be some virus that might have been affecting the system and due to which the control panel is now been found missing. You need to install a powerful antivirus tool that may help you to get the threat to be detected and then removing it from your system. Check out by installing NOD32 antivirus tool. It shall help you out.

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    Re: Control panel not found

    A system recovery disc may allow you to recover the lost system files that is not found in the system. You need to check out for the thing. Insert the recovery utility disc that is Vista's Disc, Then run a recovery process in order to get the thing to be done properly. This shall help you out. It is quite very much possible that the process will lead the system to get the lost files to be located.

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    Re: Control panel not found

    Try to run a system restore. This will help you out to get the things to restore that may be lost due to some issues. It is as follows:

    1) Click on the start button.
    2) Now go to the programs and then to accessories.
    3) After that choose the system tools.
    4) Now open the system restore.
    5) Set the date accordingly when it was working fine without issues.

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    Re: Control panel not found

    Follow the procedure this should work out for you:

    * Go to the start button and click on it.
    * Now in the run command and navigate through the below key
    * After that check out for the value that is been assigned for the control panel.
    * Now assign 2 as the value if it is not.
    * Save settings and click ok.
    * Restart the system.

    Now look out for the change.

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