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Thread: Automating apt-get install in Ubuntu

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    Automating apt-get install in Ubuntu

    I always face some sort of problem while running the commands which i have mentioned below:

    sudo apt-get update &&
    sudo apt-get install -y mdadm xfsprogs

    I have to press the enter key, select item on the list, go next manually while installing these packages , How could I automate it without user interference? That's why i want a shell script so that i can automate apt-get install

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    Re: Automating apt-get install in Ubuntu

    To keep all your packagages updated you this trick will prove to be a quiet handy one, if you want to do this on daily basis. The package cron-apt will surely help you to achieve this since it is one of the best method of handling this install. This will download only the new updates and e-mails the admin that they are available.

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    Re: Automating apt-get install in Ubuntu

    Installing the cron-apt will do the trick for you. You can install cron-apt with the apt-get install cron-apt command. The cron-apt will not allowto autmatically update the packages and i think which is a good step. it will only download the wmails and updates that are available. So installing cron-apt update will fix this issue.

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    Re: Automating apt-get install in Ubuntu

    You have already placed the -y in the command which automatically gives all prompts to assume yes so that these prompts run non-interactively or we can say it as automatically. The apt-get package will be aborted only if and only if an undesirable situation, such as changing a held package, trying
    to install a unauthenticated package or removing an essential package occurs.

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    Re: Automating apt-get install in Ubuntu

    I think that you can automate the whole process with the --force-yes command. This will automate all of the prompts which will appear in apt-get install. Since you are forcing the prompts with the force command it will automatically complete the installation unless an unhandled exception occurs. I hope you will fix this matter.

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    Re: Automating apt-get install in Ubuntu

    You can solve this issue by using a graphical user interface instead of the command line interface. Use the Synaptic which is simple as well as reliable. You can also search different packages , update and install them by just following some simple steps. Similarly a lot of GUI's are also available aptitude can also be used for apt-get install.

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