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Thread: when i start my computer it restarts continuously

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    when i start my computer it restarts continuously

    i have problem, my computer restarts continuously when i start my computer.
    This problem started from the day when i used a pen drive copied some data from it and after that i used my computer normally, there was no such problem at that time but after two days when i started my computer the problem started from that day, computer started normally but after booting it got restarted and the process of restarting continued. please help me out with this problem as soon as possible..

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    solution for computer restarting continuously

    There are some setting in Windows XP that allows your computer to restart after an error occurs in your system. I suggest that if you turn off that option so it may resolve your automatic restart problem.
    It includes a several steps as follows:

    Click on the Start button after that open Control Panel
    Click on Performance and Maintenance
    Click on System
    Click on the Advanced Tab
    Click Settings in the Startup and Recovery section

    And then Uncheck Automatically Restart in the System failure section
    Using the above setting it may prevent the system from restarting, but it can also mask the true problem.

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    It might be virus problem

    By seeing your problem, you are saying that you have used a pen drive before this problem started, you have copied some data, have a look that what has recently changed on your system. If you have installed a new hardware or software, remove the latest hardware and software and see if the problem of restart persists or not. Sometimes installing or downloading a latest driver software will fix hardware incompatibility problems that cause restarts.

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    Re: when i start my computer it restarts continuously

    my computer was also suffering from this problem of restarting, to recover from this problem i formatted my computer and reinstalled the windows and installed a updated antivirus. Now my computer is working properly and i have recovered from the problem.. So i suggest u too format your system and i am damn sure that you will recover from this problem.

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    Re: when i start my computer it restarts continuously

    I have received many problems from most of the people complaining that their computer restarts continuously. It seems like that the computer restarts without error or reason, but it is not so, every-time your computer restarts, there must be some reason that you might not have noticed.
    So i am relpying you most of the reasons and their possible solutions to sole your computer restart problem.

    Computer restarts due to overheating
    Computer restarts due to faulty RAM
    Computer restarts due to faulty Hard-disk
    Computer restarts due to overheating up of hard-disk
    Computer restarts on attaching some external USB device
    Computer restarts due to other hardware problem
    Some software causing operating system crash causes computer restart

    So i suggest you to refer all this reasons which creates restarting problem

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    Re: when i start my computer it restarts continuously

    First of all check your system is virus free and your antivirus is up to date
    If your system is not infected with a virus then restart the computer and enter Safe Mode, press F8 while the computer is loading and then wait a few minutes. If the computer doesn't restart in Safe Mode, then your computer might be having a software problem if its not then its a hardware problem.

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