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Thread: Windows 7 documents and settings locked

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    Windows 7 documents and settings locked


    For Windows 7, the "Documents and Settings" is protected, not opening and doesn't let me to change anything.

    Yet I am logged as administrator, but I can not change either the security or sharing. (I have migrated from Vista to windows 7 with the upgrade Toshiba)
    If someone has an idea ... Thank you

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    Re: Windows 7 documents and settings locked


    Windows 7 contains several predefined folders (like "Documents & Settings", "Application Data" "Cookies", ...) are there to maintain backward compatibility with software not designed to operate at 100% with Windows 7. You can not change these "folders". If unfortunately you manage to delete one, you have a nasty surprise at the same time delete the file pointed to by the "shortcut" (for example, in the case of "Documents and Settings", can also remove the folder "Users ").


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    Re: Windows 7 documents and settings locked

    The "problem" here is that Microsoft has apparently moved everything in "Documents and Settings" in a new folder named "Users." Open it and you will probably get what you expect of "Documents and Settings", in fact you will notice that May "Documents and Settings" is displayed with a shortcut icon in Windows Explorer.

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    Re: Windows 7 documents and settings locked

    And Local Settings, which was present in c:\Documents and Settings\[user]\Local Settings. It is moved to c:\Users\[user]\AppData\Local. Every time microsoft makes a so called "improvement" to their OS, they fill it with these kinds of changes.

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    Re: Windows 7 documents and settings locked

    Which version of windows 7 you are using? and what type of upgrade you are talking about from toshiba? Anyways refer to following similar kind of threads..
    Windows 7 "Application Data" folder missing

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