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Thread: Ipv6 problem in Windows 7

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    Ipv6 problem in Windows 7

    I have a dell desktop computer at home and has windows 7 operating system on it. Recently i have enabled IPv6, but when i goto create a new password for homegroup it says that Enable the IPV6. But when checked in networking settings and it showed be enabled. I don't know what is the problem?? why is it showing wrong and why it tells me to enable the IPV6??. Please help to solve this problem.

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    Re: Ipv6 problem in Windows 7

    According to me your ipv6 is not configured properly or this may also occcur if you done upgradtion of operating system or some hardware also. So i would suggest you to follow the steps given below:
    1] Click on Start--Goto Run--And type: cmd /k ipv6 uninstall
    2] Restart the computer.
    3] Again click on Start--Goto Run--And type: cmd /k ipv6 install
    4] Again Restart the computer.
    This steps will configure the ipv6 properly and make all the settings fresh.Hope this would your problem of ipv6.

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    Re: Ipv6 problem in Windows 7

    I think there is the problem in your sharing settings. In order to fix it, you should check sharing settings in Windows 7 RC systems. So, open Control Panel--Network and Sharing Center, now click on Change Advanced Sharing settings in the left hand side and unsure that 'Network Discovery--File and Printer Sharing--Password Protect Sharing are all enabled. You also need to make the same username\password on all Windows 7 RC computers. If the problem still comes, then for a while disable the anti-virus and firewall, then check the once again. Hope your problem get fix.

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    Re: Ipv6 problem in Windows 7

    Cause of your problem is the bad/incorrect installation/settings of the IPV6. Maybe this is because new operating system installed or hardware on your machine. Don't worry there solution to your problem, just have follow the below:
    1] Click on Start--Control Panel--Network and Internet--Network Connections
    2] Now, do right click on your active connection and select the properties option
    3] You can see type option Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6), click on that Uninstall it.
    4] Restart the computer
    5] Again goto the option Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6) and now install it.
    6] Again Restart the computer.
    Hope this will really solve your problem.

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    Re: Ipv6 problem in Windows 7

    There many reasons behind this problem. It can be settings problem or maybe of configuration problem or maybe registry problem. I can tell you the possible solution and problem cause:
    1] It may b due to firewall and third party software installation, so would suggest you to temporary disable them and check the problem still persists.
    2] Verify one of the relevant services: Click on Start, and in search bar: enter services.msc; right click on the 'Peer Networking Grouping' service and choose Properties and check weather the service is started or not, if not then click on the start and check it works or not.
    3] Modify IPv6 registry key to enable IPV6: Open the Regedit and locate the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentContr key in register subkey and if DisabledComponents is registry is there then modify its value to zero. And exit regedit.
    Hope your problem get solved soon

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    Re: Ipv6 problem in Windows 7

    I also have same issue related to Ipv6. I have desktop computer and lnotebook with me and both has Windows 7 operating system. I have made a Homegroup on my PC, and also set a password and all working fine, but on the laptop i can't recognize that there is a Homegroup on the network. And if make a Homegroup on the laptop i get the message that 'Network connection must have IPv6 enabled to create or join a Homegroup'. So, how to enable IPv6??

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