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Thread: Open Windows automatically after Vista boot

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    Open Windows automatically after Vista boot

    I my computer I have connected large speakers. The problem is that the system beeps on every message box. If save a documents then the systems gives beeps which is disturbing. I need solution for disabling this. Is it possible to make some settings in Windows Vista which can enable some default Windows open directly after a restart. The system also shutdown very slowly. What is needed to improve the speed. Other things how disable the management of archives and convert a fat drive to ntfs in dos mode. I am not able to located the boot.ini file in my Windows drive. And the security tab in the folder properties is also disappeared. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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    Re: Open Windows automatically after Vista boot

    Here is a convenient feature was part of the default versions of Windows older. It is possible to reactivate Windows Vista by opening a file menu and then Tools > Folder Options > Displaying > Restore folder windows open at the next logon. You can also make the same manipulation directly in the registry by clicking Start > Run and typing regedit. Expand the HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Explorer \ Advanced and create a DWORD value named: PersistBrowsers. Set its value to 1.

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    Re: Open Windows automatically after Vista boot

    Sometime due to many applications installed in a computer the speed of booting and shutting down is reduced. First try to remove the unnecessary applications from your computer. Then do the following. Open the registry.You can open that by typing regedit in the run box on Start Menu.
    Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ System \ CurrentControlSet \ Control and double-click the key WaitToKillServiceTimeout and give it the value 2000 to close the prompt service.

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    Re: Open Windows automatically after Vista boot

    There are many third party software's which can help you to convert the FAT to NFTS volume instantly. But cmd is the most reliable one. First take backup of data in the drive if you have any. This solution will hep you to convert the file format without formatting. The advantage of moving from FAT to NTFS is the ability to manage the rights on folders and files, which offers a bit more security and especially improves confidentiality when working with multiple users on the same machine. Run cmd and types the following : convert <drivename > /FS:NTFS

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    Re: Open Windows automatically after Vista boot

    Just a simple registry tweak you can disable the archive management in vista. First click on Start and then click on Run. Types the following to disable it : regsvr32 / u Zipfldr.dll. And if in future you want it back then types : regsvr32 Zipfldr.dll. To display the Security tab in folder properties requires administrator rights to access. Otherwise you cannot view it.

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    Re: Open Windows automatically after Vista boot

    Windows Vista does uses the boot.ini file but a new bootmanager. For this you will have to learn about the bootmanager. It is a dedicated service for multiple operating systems to run with Windows Vista. The best way to stop the beep is to disable the sound from registry. Run the registry editor and then go to this path - HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Control Panel \ SoundHKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Control Panel \ Sound. Here you can see a Beep file and then ExtendedSounds Set the value to no.

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