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Thread: Port no longer recognized by vista

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    Port no longer recognized by vista

    Hey everyone,

    I was on Skype video conference, and suddenly a blue screen with some errors that I could not read ...

    The pc has only restarted correctly (I think I saw: restarting after unplanned shutdown), but the camera "only" not working.

    Message: Port not recognized

    I changed port and everything works

    Why old port not working?

    Thank you for your advice.

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    Re: Port no longer recognized by vista

    I think not. But the best way to find out is to test it. Plug another type of device on this port (eg USB key) and see if Windows detects the driver and help you to work properly.

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    Re: Port no longer recognized by vista

    Go into device manage and see if your port is visible over there.

    1. Control panel -> Administrative tools -> Device manager
    2. If you see yellow mark on the one of the usb port then right lick on it and install or update drivers for it.

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    Re: Port no longer recognized by vista

    To disable the Selective Suspend feature, follow these steps:

    1. Click Start, and then click Run.

    Note If you are running Windows Vista, click Start, and then use the Start Search box.
    2. Type regedit, and then click OK. Registry Editor opens.
    3. Locate and then click the following registry subkey:
    4. If the DisableSelectiveSuspend registry entry is present, double-click it. If it is not present, create the entry. To create the entry, follow these steps:
    • On the Edit menu, point to New, and then click DWORD.
    • Type DisableSelectiveSuspend, and then press ENTER.
    • On the Edit menu, click Modify.

    5. In the Value data field, type 1 to disable the Selective Suspend feature, and then click OK.

    More: USB port may stop working after you remove or insert a USB device
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