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Old 25-12-2009
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How to install Ubuntu on Fujitsu T5010 ?

Hello, I have confirmed that which tablet pc i should buy but now i am facing the problem regarding its Operating System. Actually i am going to buy Fujitsu T5010 because it is bit cheap as compare to the other Tablet PCs. It will be so easy to work with it on Windows Operating System but If i want to run Ubuntu on Fujitsu T5010 then how can i do it ?
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Old 25-12-2009
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Ubuntu on Fujitsu T5010.

Most Probably Windows Operating System has been used on the Fujitsu T5010. And even this will be the perfect and most user friendly operating system to use on the tablet pc. You can install the ubuntu on your Fujitsu T5010 in the same way as you have done it with your computer. I would be suggesting you to use Windows on Fujitsu T5010, but you must try once using the Ubuntu on it.
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Old 25-12-2009
Join Date: May 2008
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Windows Vista is better then Ubuntu on T5010.

Windows Vista has been made specially for the graphics and clarity of the picture. That is the only reason behind using the Windows Vista in the tablet PC most of the time. But there are different way to deal with the Operating system on personal computer. But when you talk about tablet PC which are specially used for reading ebooks, so it should be much cool GUI for easy readings which is provided by the vista.
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Old 25-12-2009
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Six Steps to install Ubuntu on Fujitsu T5010.

You can install Ubuntu on your Fujitsu T5010 by using Live CD graphical install method. As soon as you insert this cd then it will take only 6 steps to install the ubuntu on your tablet pc.
1. Choose your language on the first page of installation.
2. Set up your Timezone.
3. Select your keyboard layout.
4. create a user account which you will be using to log in.
5. Though it is not necessary to do it but you can partition your disk.
6. Finally, The installation will be started from here and after completion of the installation you will be getting the message stating the completion of installation.
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Old 25-12-2009
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Follow this steps to install Ubuntu.

1. Start your computer and boot up the CD for ubuntu.
2. Go to Install to hard drive.
3. Select language, country, and keyboard layout.
4. Go for manually configure and set an IP address.
5. Type your servername.
6. Edit the partition table manually as per your need.
7. Now enter your Timezone.
8. Set the clock to the Universal Time.
9. Type the Administrator's full name.
10. Then type account name.
11. Then Enter Security Password.
12. Then your computer will get restart so let it be.
13. Log in to your account with a proper name and password.
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Old 25-12-2009
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Minimum System Requirement for Ubuntu.

Here are the minimum system requirements to install the Ubuntu operating system on it. If you are installing the ubuntu without any desktop then it will be needing 32 megabytes of RAM and 400 megabytes of Harddrive. And if you want to do the same but with the Desktop then it will need 128 megabytes of RAM and 2 Gigabytes of Hard Drive. If you wish to install this operating system as a server then it needs bit more hard drive to install which is 4 Gigabytes and RAM will be the same as 128 Megabytes.
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