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Thread: Windows 7 updates delete certain files

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    Windows 7 updates delete certain files

    Hi. Here am facing a very unusual problem. I have downloaded some windows updates for upgradation of my operating system. After that when I started my system next day I found that many of my files are been missing. They have been deleted. I am the only one who use the machine. So have no clue about it. Is there any issues with the updates. I have lost all my important stuffs. My operating system is windows 7. Please give me a solution.

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    Re: Windows 7 updates delete certain files

    This is a very unusual problem. Never came across such before. I think a system restore should help you out in retaining the deleted files. You can perform the action as follows:

    * Go to the start menu.
    * Click on all programs.
    * Then select accessories.
    * Then to system tools select the system restore option.
    * Set the date when you r system was working fine and that is your files where existed.

    This shall help.

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    Re: Windows 7 updates delete certain files

    This is basically a problem that is been associated with a hard disk error. There might be some bugs on your hard disk which may be causing such issues. Updates never be the reason of problems. It is basically been to upgrade the application in order to cope with the system and gel with the softwares. It totally depends on the compatibility of the system with the operating system. Check out for the same.

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    Re: Windows 7 updates delete certain files

    A virus can be the concern issue for the same. This may be the reason that your systems important files is been deleted. Check for the issue. You need to run a virus scan wizard for the same and check out whether there is any virus in your system that is causing this problem. In order o get rid of such problems use a good antivirus tool in there to keep your system safe. Use AVG 9.0. Its a good tool for scan purpose. Use the updated version by clicking on the link.

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    Re: Windows 7 updates delete certain files

    There can be a possibility that some other person might have logged into the system and may have accidentally deleted the files from your system. It is not possible that the files may be deleted due to windows updates. The exception can a virus issue that may have resulted for the problem. Other than that I don't think there can be any issue. So check out for the same hope you may get to a conclusion.

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    Re: Windows 7 updates delete certain files

    Well if your files have been deleted then you could get it back by using an application tool or software called as Recovermyfiles. This software basically has the capability and tendency to regain the deleted files from the system. Almost 98% of the deleted files can be regained. You need to install he application and then execute it. Select the type of file that you need to recover. It will the search for the deleted files on your hard disk and display it to you. Then save the files to other location. Your work is done.

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