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Thread: Windows vista having USERINI.exe

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    Windows vista having USERINI.exe

    Please Help!!! I have bought a second hand computer last week. I was using the windows vista before this has happened. Actually my computer was not having the updated version spyware. So i think some USERINI.exe is stopping my computer from booting up. Can anybody help me to boot up my computer as it directly restarts after every restart. So it is never going to end up.

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    Dr. V Guest

    USERINI.exe is an Essential for Operating System.

    Every Windows Operating System has one crucial system file named as userinit.exe. Actually it manages the start up sequence to boot up windows processes such as establishing network connection and booting up the Windows shell. In over all, this process is very much important for the any windows operating system.

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    Virus has affected your computer.

    As you said that your computer have USERINI.exe file because of which your computer is not working properly. But i think problem is not because of having the userini.exe in your windows operating system but there would be something wrong with your userini.exe file. As it is very much needed file by the operating system. I would be suggesting you to scan your whole computer and try to repair that virus if userini.exe has any virus but do not delete it as it will remove this important file from your OS.

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    Scan with Avast Anti Virus.

    Definitely your computer has been infected by some viruses. And you do not even have latest version of your anti virus. Scanning your computer will surely detect some viruses which might have corrupted your userini.exe. So i would suggest you to download the Avast Anti Virus by which you do not need to have any other spyware as it will detect almost all of the viruses on your computer.

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    Boot up with Safe Mode.

    You may try booting up your computer in safe mode. Do the following steps to boot up in safe mode.
    1. Restart your computer.
    2. Keep on pressing the F8 key while your computer is getting restart which will take you to the Windows Vista Advanced Boot Options.
    3. As your mouse would not be working, use arrow keys to select Safe Mode and press Enter.
    4. Windows will start at a typical logon screen.
    5. Now you may perform tasks as per your needs.

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    Install new Windows Vista.

    You userini.exe has been corrupted. This is very much needed file to load operating system on your computer. Reinstall your windows vista operating system by using the automated cd for installing the windows vista. Do not forget to uninstall the previous version of OS as it can cause some errors while installing the new one.

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