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Thread: How to Turn visual feedback on in Tablet PC.

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    How to Turn visual feedback on in Tablet PC.

    Sorry for asking such a stupid question. I would appreciate it if somebody will give me any ways. Actually i am using the windows vista on my computer and even i use Tablet PC Input Panel for writing some articles. I just want to know that how to turn on the visual feedback while using the Tablet PC.

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    Turn visual feedback ON/OFF in Tablet PC.

    In Tablet PC, Tablet Pen provides the cool feature called as visual feedback which helps you to perform standard actions of tablet pen such as single tap or double tap or right click. To switch on or off the visual feedback on your Tablet PC follow these steps.
    1. Go to Start Menu, Open Control Panel and get inside Mobile PC.
    2. Open Pen ans Input Devices and switch to the Pointer Options tab.
    3. Go to Dynamic feedback where you will find visual feedback, which you may turn OFF or ON.

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    Turn the touch pointer on/off from Control Panel.

    Touch pointer is a great option for those computers on which touch input is available. Touch pointer makes your task easier by just pointing the finger at the intended location. Following are the steps to turn on/off the touch pointer on your computer.
    • Go to Start Button, Open Control Panel and go to Mobile PC.

    • Open Pen and Input Devices and switch to the Touch tab.

    • Check or Uncheck the checkbox given for Show the touch pointer.

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    Touch pointer on/off from TaskBar.

    It is so easy to turn on or off your Touch Pointer from the Task bar. Which means that you can switch it on whenever you want after turning it off. For example you can turn on it when you want to tap on the close button and you can turn it off when you go through your E-Mails.
    1. Press and hold the taskbar by your finger.
    2. Move to Toolbars and tap on Touch Pointer.
    3. Tap on the Touch Pointer icon to turn it OFF or ON.

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    Check availability of Touch input on your computer.

    To use Touch Input, Your computer's monitor should be having the feature of Touch screens. Touch Input is a feature which enables your monitor screen to response on your touch of finger. To check whether it is available on your monitor or not, Go to Control panel by opening the start menu. And open Mobile PC and select Pen and Input Devices. If you find any tab named as Touch then it means that your screen can give responses on touching the screen area.

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    Languages supported by Tablet PC Input Panel.

    Tablet PC Input Panel is a good to use if you are a frequent to write thing on your computer. There are many languages supported by Tablet PC Input Panel such as English, Japanese, Chinese (Traditional), Chinese (Simplified), Korean, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, and Portuguese (Brazil). This all languages are also used for Handwriting recognition also. So it became much more easier for you to write things more faster without any mistakes.

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